What Really Got The Arizona Cardinals To The Super Bowl: Solid Coaching

Shane HouseAnalyst IJanuary 21, 2009

When the playoffs began and the match-ups were made, the Arizona Cardinals were already written out. People said that Atlanta would beat the Cards and then Carolina would beat the Falcons on route to the NFC Championship game. That's how most saw it atleast.

But somehow the Cardinals beat the odds and beat a team with a young quarterback to win the Wild Card game. Who'd a thunk it.

Next round was the Carolina Panthers. A team that all season never lost at home and the Cardinals were 0-4 in east coast games. Basically the Cardinals were going to get killed in Carolina because they had no chance. But somehow they did it and not only beat the Panthers, they destroyed them winning 33-13.

Finally it was the NFC Championship Game. The Cardinals were at home to face the Eagles to decide who goes to the Super Bowl. Last meeting, the Cardinals were absolutely annihilated by the Eagles 52-20 on Thanksgiving which meant that the same would happen this time. Once again everybody was wrong and the Cardinals handed the Eagles a loss on route to Tampa Bay and the Super Bowl.

Everybody is calling this the cinderella story. Saying that this team shouldn't be here. Saying that this team is the worst team to ever be in the Super Bowl.

First off, to even be in the Super Bowl means that you must have played a hell of a playoffs. You can win all those games in the regular season but you know what, it doesn't matter if you can't perform in the playoffs, and I think this team has proven now that in the clutch, this team is better then almost every other team in the league.

They have shown grit, they have shown the ability to score when it matters, and they have shown the ability to play defense. All the abilities needed to win games in the NFL.

But where did all of this come from. I mean for such a mediocre team, how did they get this far?

Was it the arm of Kurt Warner. I mean, he has won in the playoffs multiple times and been a Super Bowl MVP.

Maybe it was Larry Fitzgerald. He has played amazingly these playoffs and deserves all the credit in the world.

But as much as they were key catalysts in victories over Carolina, Atlanta and Philadelphia, none of them planned all week what plays to call, who plays where and they go.

The Arizona Cardinals coaching is what got them to the Super Bowl.

They were the ones who figured out how to hold the second and third leading rushers (DeAngelo Williams and Michael Turner) in the league to a combined 101 yards and one touchdown.

They were the ones who figured out how to handle great defenses in both Carolina and Philadelphia by using quick passing routes.

It was Ken Whisenhunt and his team of coordinators that won those games. They picked the plays, they taught how to execute them.

They are the ones that got the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. There amazing play calling and preparation for all the playoff games is what got them to where they are today.

So when you think about who got the Cardinals to the Super Bowl this year, just remember that these were the guys that turned this team around and got them to where they are at today.