Wrestlemania 25: The Possible Card

Alex DavidsonContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

Well, being as we are about to set off on the road to Wrestlemania, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on what the card should look like. I would also like to stress the fact that this is not a dream card, so rather than having Triple H vs Undertaker in a "Hell in a Cell" match for the main event, I'm instead trying to tell you what the card should look like taking into account current storylines. So enjoy...



*ECW no.1 Contender Match, 25 Man Battle Royal - 25 Superstars who aren't in a match — As messy as it was I enjoyed last years and being as ECW probably won't have more than one match on the card they might as well be given the Dark Match.

Winner — Umaga



1. Money in the Bank Ladder Match — John Morrison vs Mr. Kennedy vs MVP vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin v Matt Hardy

Last years MITB was easily the best and I can't see this years beating it, but we'll hopefully get a good match. For the past four years I've been surprised by the result so i'll go with an MVP win being as he hasn't been doing to well as of late.

Winner — MVP


2. The Legacy (Rhodes, Dibiase, DH Smith) vs Vince McMahons Team (The Rock, Rob Van Dam, Roddy Piper)

After Monday night, I can only see the Orton feud with Vince resulting in a match at 'Mania. Hopefully it won't be Vince vs Orton, so I choose The Legacy vs Vince's team of legends (it is WM 25 after all).

Vince will probably select his team in weekly installments starting with Piper the night after No Way Out, then the next week he'll choose RVD and then the Rock will be his last pick, being as it is WM 25 I can see the Rock be willing to do something similar to WM 20. 

Plus I like the idea of the future of WWE vs the past of WWE. Hopefully though RVD will return full time.

Winner — The Legacy


3. ECW Title - Umaga vs Jack Swagger

I heard that once Umaga returns from injury he'll be given a push, but I can't see this happening on SD as it's already overflowing with main eventers. So they might as well use him on ECW, like what they did with Kane. If there is a battle royal I can't see them having the winner go on to lose.

Winner — Umaga (New ECW Champion)


4. If HBK wins, he is released from JBL's contract, if JBL wins HBK must retire — Shawn Michaels vs JBL

Well, it's the match nobody wants to see happen but the way RAW is looking at the moment, it's probably the only option, being as WWE is determined to stick JBL in a high profile match.

If it does happen I'm unsure as to what the result will be, I wouldn't be too surprised if JBL won, but the only way to put an end to the storyline is for HBK to win, plus the stipulation will allow for WWE to plant the seeds for HBK to retire which will probably happen before, if not at, WM 26.

Winner — Shawn Michaels

5. Jeff Hardy vs Christian

I know what you're thinking: "Why not for the WWE title". Well, considering that it's certain that Christian will face Hardy (I was a bit torn though whether Christian should face Taker) that only leaves one more high profile match for Smackdown, and I feel the match would only work if the title was on the line.

Plus, I can't see WWE immediately putting Christian in WM main event as soon as he returns as it'd probably make some of the SD locker room annoyed.

Winner — Christian


6. Undertaker vs Chris Jericho

I was thinking about placing Christian in this match, but in the end I decided that Y2J should face the dead man. Jericho is probably one of a few WWE superstars never to face the phenom in a high-profile match.

The Royal Rumble match often causes feuds that lead to a match at WrestleMania, I can picture Y2J getting eliminated by Taker and then coming back in and screwing Undertaker over causing him to be eliminated.

Winner — Undertaker


7. Women's Title — Beth Phoenix vs Melina

In a recent article I said that Melina would win at the Royal Rumble but I've changed my mind. I now think that Phoenix will beat Melina at the Rumble, setting up a match at WM 25. The last couple of years the heel has won the match and I can see that trend continuing.

Winner — Beth Phoenix (Retains Women's Title)


8. WWE Title — Triple H vs Edge

I would prefer a Hardy vs Christian title match, but that leaves these two superstars in a non title match, which wouldn't work (it's too big a match not to have the title on the line). Hopefully if it does happen, it won't be the last match on the card.

Winner — Triple H (New WWE Champion)


9. Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin

Hulk Hogan in an interview said he would like this match to happen and that he would let Austin get the victory. I can't see Austin refusing as it's in his home town (I think), it'll keep him in the spotlight, it'll get him a pretty big pay check, and he'll get to fight one of the people he probably idolised as a child.

Winner — Stone Cold Steve Austin


10. World Heavyweight Championship — Randy Orton v John Cena

I still don't like the way Cena is favored by WWE but I don't dislike him as much as I used to, when he had the Hustle, Loyalty, Respect thing going on. Hopefully Orton will win the Royal Rumble. If this match is on the card, though it's nearly impossible to choose who'll win.

Does WWE continue to push Cena or do they allow Orton and the Legacy to keep gaining momentum. If I had to choose I'd go with Cena, if Orton were to capture the gold it might have an adverse effect as it could lead the fans to cheer him, which could halt his progression into a 'mega - heel'.

Winner — John Cena (Retains WHC Title)


So there you go, my prediction as to what will happen at Mania. Obviously everything depends on what happens at the Rumble so I could be extremely close or miles off. So give or take a few promos and segments this is my prediction for the WrestleMania 25 card.