Brock Lesnar: Ranking the 5 Best Choices for His First Opponents This WWE Run

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIApril 9, 2012

Brock Lesnar: Ranking the 5 Best Choices for His First Opponents This WWE Run

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    Before Brock Lesnar returns to WWE action with John Cena, he'll need a few touch-up matches, and guys like The Great Khali are the perfect opponents.

    Lesnar made a strong return one week ago when he stunned Cena with an F5 on Monday Night Raw.

    The two may meet at Extreme Rules April 29.

    That means Lesnar has three weeks to prepare.

    Likewise, fans ought to be treated to seeing Lesnar as much as possible before the upcoming PPV. Most know he's a beast already, but for the newbies and the naysayers or those who might have forgotten, Lesnar needs to remind all of his dominance.

    It'd be a waste of a feud to throw him in the ring with any other big names, so his initial opponents are tricky to decide.

    Naturally, a jobber makes sense.

    But he's better than that.

    His first opponents—likely three—have to be credible mid-carders.

    Here are five great choices for opponents who will make Brock Lesnar look good without boring the crowd.

5. The Great Khali

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    A matchup between Brock Lesnar and The Great Khali makes a lot of sense.

    The WWE clearly doesn't know what to do with Khali.

    He doesn't bring much to the table anyway, outside of being gigantic in size.

    It's perfect because at this point, Khali is a jobber who is able to mask the relegation with his gimmick.

    Enter Lesnar.

    Lesnar puts on a quick show with Khali—complete with jaw-dropping feats of strength—proving he's back and better than ever.

    More importantly, destroying the big man sends a message to John Cena and everyone in the back that Lesnar is a dangerous force.

    If they didn't already know.

    The hesitation is that The Great Khali is a Smackdown superstar while it appears Lesnar will remain on Raw. Though, that will hardly stop the WWE.

4. Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston is a fantastic choice for one of Brock Lesnar's first opponents.

    He's fast, high flying and charismatic. He can put on a great show worth watching, but in the end still get destroyed.

    The storyline angle with Kingston works.

    John Laurinaitis should still be picking on Team Teddy members, so Kingston is fair game.

3. R-Truth

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    Can you imagine the look on Brock Lesnar's face when R-Truth—talking to Little Jimmy—enters the ring?

    R-Truth doesn't perform quite at the level of Kofi Kingston. He's not quite the under-carder The Great Khali is.

    In fact, he's right in the middle of the two.

    Hence, R-Truth is perfect for the first match against Lesnar.

    He'll entertain just enough and when he loses, no one will bat an eye.

2. Kane

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    Assuming the Randy Orton feud is coming to a close, pitting Kane against Brock Lesnar could be an interesting option.

    The match is similar to a Great Khali bout, with Kane obviously being more athletic and a bigger personality.

    I'm not sold the WWE would want to start Lesnar off with an opponent of this caliber, but it'd be entertaining.

    It'd work for Kane while he awaits a new storyline.

    It could even create one or continue the Orton feud if Kane is "humiliated" a la Cody Rhodes and The Big Show style.

    To see the two big men go at it right out of the gate would be awesome.

    If Lesnar destroys Kane in one of his first matches back, John Cena and the other superstars should have plenty to fear.

1. Santino Marella

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    It makes perfect sense, if you think about it.

    General manager John Laurinaitis—still reeling from Santino Marella's handicapped victory last week—puts the United States Champion in the ring with Brock Lesnar.

    No title on the line, of course.

    Marella entertains the crowd with his antics while Lesnar does it with his raw power.

    Lesnar wins a credible first bout. Marella suffers no damage to his credit. Laurinaitis gets even.