Maragrito Vs Mosely: And The Winner Is M...

jose valderazContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

On Saturday January 24, 2009 two fighters are set to step into the Staples Center to do battle. These warriors are known as "Sugar" Shane Mosely and "the Tijuana Tornado" Antonio Margarito.
With Margarito coming off a huge upset over Miguel Cotto this past year many believe he has his work cut out for him. I would have to agree, with taking into consideration that Mosely faced Cotto and suffered a defeat! 
The advantages Margarito has going into this fight are his: height advantage; his youth; his power and his ability to withstand punches. We all saw his epic battle with Cotto in which Cotto had the fight won on every judges scorecard due to his punches connecting at a higher rate than those of Margarito. It was impossible for Maragrito to win the fight, unless he delivered a knock out! He has the momentum in his favor along with the determination and mentality to walk to the ring and out of it victorious.
The advantages Mosely has going into this fight are for one his: experience; speed; and...i'l leave it at that. However, it would be harsh to count Mosely out. Today it is common to hear someone say "he's tired...washed up" or he needs to just retire. We have all seen Hopkins prove many of us wrong entirely. Mosely is not the same fighter he was 9 years ago when he defeated the golden boy, in my opinion he has lost a step or two. 
As far as Margarito being the first to issue Mosely his first knockout defeat of his career, it is hard to say. Like you, I to base my expectations of upcoming bouts from what i know. I know i did not expect Hopkins to Knock out De La Hoya nor see Manny make it physically impossible for the golden boy to continue. Any fighter can be knocked out! Considering Margarito power and his ability to withstand power punches, I predict that he will not be the fighter that is knocked out if there is one. For this fight, Mosely will definitely go in prepared. Reviewing his bout with Cotto along with his opponents recent battle with him as well. 
Mosely claims that he is eager to show the world that he still has it and that he believes that he will "be the last man standing". In my opinion he does not sound as confident as his opponent Margarito. If Margarito fights Mosely as he did Cotto, he just might walk away with a knock out. Maragrito has nothing to prove...but all these promoters and top officials refuse to give him the credit and respect he has earned and deserves. He knocked out Cotto, embarrassed the man by making it impossible for him to see through his own eyes due to all the blood covering his face. And yet it is Cotton who his scheduled to fight on pay per view next month. Does anybody else see a problem here?