The New Detroit Bailout Plan

joel bradleyContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

Obama should bail out Detroit. No, not that Detroit, I'm talking about the Lions.

Done laughing? Okay, are you ready?

The Detroit Lions, or should I say, William Clay Ford, should get a value on all of his property that has anything to do with the Lions. I'm not so sure how much equity William Clay Ford has in Ford Field but he should throw that number in there too.

Next, William Clay Ford will take that number and add on an extra 50 percent for comfort money, that will take him very far away from Detroit. And with his final number, he should offer up his team to a Congressional hearing where Congress will toy around with it and then buy the team for the price named.

Then, the State of Michigan will get full control over the franchise. This could open up a lot of jobs for the city, and it would be government funded. Our tax dollars would be going toward supporting the Lions, what a thought that is. At least there might be some satisfaction with the use of our tax dollars.

This franchise would then be owned by its rightful owner, it's fans. Lions fans know exactly what is going to happen next year but for some reason we will get excited about preseason.

That is a given every year with this squad and their fans. They come out and run this set of 12 plays throughout the whole preseason, but they have mastered the plays and they usually work. This causes us to have excitement about the season and, well, you know the end of that story.

We could have an election day for the draft where all you have to do is get registered on one website and create a draft board for the Lions. For instance, each person that chooses to vote will vote for their top five prospects at each position.

The rest would be history, Lions would go on to be great. Like the old proverb says; "It takes a village to raise a child", only in this sense; "It takes a state to raise the Lions".

Lastly, every other year, have elections for possible changing of head coach, scouting staff, strength-and-conditioning staff, etc. Also, there is the possibility of grading the players on that day as well, which is obviously optional.

Obviously this would need a ton of reconfiguring and organizing, but it would create jobs and make Detroit look unique from the outside looking in.

What do you think?