Tony Romo: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You!

Chris BoatmanContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

Tony Romo, come on down! You are the next contestant on "We want another Quarterback in Dallas!"

Folks, it is that time of year again where all of the Dallas Cowboys' coaches, players, the owner, and fans alike get ready for the Super Bowl. To watch the Super Bowl is more like it.

Yes, it has been too long since we have seen the Star embalm basking in the spotlight in the next to last NFL game of the season, but then again we are starting to get use to it in Big D!

With that said, it's also that time of year where most Dallas fans start talking about who we can get in the offseason to better the team and who can we get rid of in the process.

One of those players, who will be looked at for dismissal in the eyes of the fans, will be quarterback Tony Romo. Say what you want about this topic, but knowing the past history of the Cowboys fans knee-jerk reactions, quarterbacks don't have that much time before the collective jaw of the faithful followers unhinge and swallow their once beloved "Jedi.”

Yes, there was a day when the fans screamed for a change at the quarterback position and there fill in of choice was Romo. Then again, he was backing up Drew Bledsoe so at that point and time Babe Laughenburg would have been a great pick.

Just like something new, Romo shined, put a little sparkle back into the organization's eye and gave the fans something they did not have for a very long time: Hope. Then the unthinkable happen. Romo started to fall short in big games and the playoffs became a nightmare!

Sadly with the 2008-2009 regular season behind us, nothing has changed.

Sure you can blame the coach, owner Jerry Jones, or even wide receiver Terrell Owens—or as I have mentioned in a previous article "The Fans".  

Where the true blame needs to be laid at is the feet of Romo. Being the quarterback, he is the natural leader of this Cowboys team. Is he looking like a leader? Not really, although not many players, or coaches for that matter, can handle a player of TO's stature.

So now the thought comes to mind—was Romo ready to be thrown into the lions den and fight to the death for this team?

Were we expecting too much from Romo?
Let's examine that question for a moment. You have an undrafted player come into the organization. The few times the fans get to see him practice or even play they see talent and thoughts of Super Bowls dance in their heads. However, we were told by the coach that Romo had a lot of growing up to do. However, the fans did not listen, and did their normal "What we want now is what we should get now" routine, and of course, Jones loves to give the fans what they want—unless it's fair ticket prices—and thus a new star in Romo was born.

Then the fans got what they asked for—an un-proven, wet behind the ears quarterback who needed—in my opinion—a lot more time on the sidelines learning the game.

In closing—is Tony Romo a great quarterback? No. He is a good quarterback with great potential. Should the fans be happy with Romo? Yes, after all it could be worse.

Let's give Romo a few more years before we sacrifice him to the NFL gods. I think we all just might be happy with the results.

Then again, I thought the Cincinnati Bengals would have a Super Bowl win by now.