The New Era Begins Now for the Detroit Lions

Chris AugdahlContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

The new era begins NOW! 

As the offseason begins for many NFL teams, we Lions fans are going through yet another "rebuilding" season. We have endured over 40+ seasons of losing, to be crowned one of the worst franchises in sports history. But excitement builds again for another era of Lions football. A new young coach with a impressive resume, along with a young GM who I hear is highly regarded around the league, will try and turn around the team and head it in the right direction. 

In the past we tried young coaches like Morninwheg, but he was too green for the job. Then we tried Mooch, but his passive coaching style and system just didn't fit. Then we went to the OLD Man Marinelli with his mantra of "pound the rock"; well, that didn't work either because the pick was just too small and it bounced right off the rock. 

So now we turn to Jim Schwartz, a young 42-year old coach with 10 years under one of the best coaches in the NFL—Jeff Fisher—and 8 years as the defensive coordinator. He also worked as player scout and personnel for 3 years in Cleveland—which is what the Lions truly need, somebody that knows how to evaluate talent.

So far Mayhew has done some things right in his early stages of GM. First, trading a malcontent in Roy Williams to the Cowboys for draft picks. Then an extensive search for a new coach, interviewing many and pulling the trigger on—in my opinion—the best available coach out there in Jim Schwartz before Pioli could grab him up in Kansas City.

Now we will judge Mayhew and Schwartz on what they do next and this will be the most important part of the rebuilding process. 

1. Hiring a coaching staff

2. NFL Draft

3. Free Agency

This is the make or break process of this new regime, but I am excited for the outcome and have great hope as always for the Lions to finally make it to respectability and the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl!

Go Lions!!