What the Perfect Main Event for Wrestlemania 25 Would Look Like

Daniel SumrallContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

With what has happened recently on Raw, I started thinking about a potential feud that could be leading up for a show down at Wrestlemania. This Sunday is the Royal Rumble and for Raw's main event we have John Cena defending the World Heavyweight Championship against JBL. Then there's the twist of Shawn Michaels being in JBL's corner. I see Cena keeping the title and seeds planted for Shawn to finally turn on JBL.

Now for the Rumble match there are several potential winners.

First, you have Randy Orton and after what happened with him and Vince on Monday, you would think he is line for something big. There's the news that the band that does his theme will be at Raw the following Monday, but I think it is just to promote the CD that comes out the following Tuesday.

Next is Triple H who has been feuding with Vickie and she has been trying to take his Rumble spot away and makes it look like he will beat all odds and win.

Other potentials are Undertaker who is really always a favorite, and the return of Christian, but I don't think he will be in the actual Rumble match. I think he will just be involved in the Jeff Hardy vs. Edge match.

My pick to win the Rumble is Chris Jericho. Why? Here is what I think will happen. Now this is just opinion. I think we may see another face turn from Jericho after being fired by Stephanie McMahon and then rehired and having to apologize to the fans. He will win the Rumble and go on to main event at Wrestlemania. But not against Cena.

Here is another opinion. Leading up to No Way Out, I think it will be revealed that Stephanie was behind Randy Orton all along. At No Way Out, whether it be one-on-one or in the Elimination Chamber, Orton takes the belt from Cena. And on to Wrestlemania where to face Jericho.

Leading up to Mania there could be a return from Shane and he could be in Jericho's corner with Stephanie in Orton's.

But what about Cena? My opinion is they could make it triple threat, but I personally like one-on-one matches. I'm thinking we could see a Raw vs Smackdown match involving Cena Vs. Triple H. This would be the rubber match of sorts with Cena winning at WM 22 and Triple H winning at Night of Champions 08. Plus, I was thinking of a story where Triple H is jealous of Cena helping Shawn get back to his HBK self.

So Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Triple H. What do you think?