Masters 2012: Grading the Top Fashion Statements for Rounds 1 and 2

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIApril 7, 2012

Masters 2012: Grading the Top Fashion Statements for Rounds 1 and 2

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    As I wrote in my previous article, the lack of the usual colourful flora and fauna of Augusta is missing this year, yielding a wonderful opportunity for golfers to show off their fashion sense.

    One of the wonderful aspects of the advancements in clothing technology is that colours can be much bolder—that is, if the golfers embrace them.

    All too often we find that manufacturers are dressing their players more so in what they want to sell, instead of what belongs on the golf course.

    Golf has a long and rich history of golfers dressed in marvelous colours, hues and patterns. That's one of the reasons why the Masters sports jacket is green, and not black or white.   

    This is a look at those who did and, unfortunately, those who did not in the first two rounds.

The Tiger Woods Look

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    Tiger showed up for Round 1 in this grey on grey striped shirt with grey slacks ensemble accented with white.

    He followed up with Round 2 in a dark-navy ensemble.

    Tiger is the face of an eponymous Nike golf clothing collection. I honestly do not understand why—when there are so many super colours in the collection—he would choose something he doesn't even look good in.

    His dismal dress-up display was only surpassed by his disappointing play.

    Maybe Tiger forgot to dress for success.


    GRADE: Total Failure

Gerry "Bubba" Watson's Ensemble

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    Young Mr. Watson was wearing a very well-appointed ensemble of what's referred to as "pure white," so as to segregate it from other whites.  

    Everything, from his visor to shoes were appointed with a variety of pink, which picks up on his trademark driver colour.

    I thought it was cleaver and well executed. Unfortunately, pure white is really reserved for so many other occupations, that I thought this a very poor choice.

    There is a pitfall of pure white, and this ensemble unfortunately demonstrates it: unlined trousers.

    If you're going to spend that much time, effort and money on putting together such a nicely-appointed ensemble, lining the trousers, so you cannot see thru them is essential.

    ENSEMBLE GRADE:  Fair to Midland


    There is one additional concern. Golfers wear sport shirts because they are engaging in sport. That means that the top button is only there for show, and not supposed to be buttoned. Whoever designed his outfit should have told him that.  

    WEAR GRADE:  Failure

Hunter Mahan's Faux Pas

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    Hunter Mahan is dressed by Under Armour, and this ensemble is a wonderfully well-appointed, well-matched example of golf attire.

    There is only one problem—Hunter needs to learn the proper way to wear a golf cap.

    I'm sure PING would appreciate it greatly if their logo were displayed in a way which appeals to golfers who know better.


    ENSEMBLE GRADE:   Excellent

    WEAR GRADE:  Faux Pas

Rickie Fowler's Look

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    Ricky Fowler is dressed by Puma, and they certainly found the right golfer to show off their very colourful line.  

    In Round 1, Ricky wore this great green shirt and cap with coordinated checkered trousers. The ensemble is appointed with matching white.

    In Round 2, he followed this up with an aqua ensemble of equal good looks.

    Puma dresses Ricky in the traditional golf fashion I spoke of at the outset. They mix the brilliant colours today's fabrics allow, matched with patterns which show you're a golfer.


    GRADE:  Super 

The Fred Couples' Look of Confidence

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    "Boom-Boom" has always had a style of his own defined by simple confidence, which always looks good.

    "Sea foam green" was his colour of choice for both rounds. A sports shirt on the first day and this lovely sweater on the second.  

    There are some who would think that there is an age when one is "past it," but guys like Freddie prove them wrong at every turn. He proved it as he led the Masters in both play and fashion.


    GRADE:  Marvelous