Five Most Compelling Storylines of the 2009 Royal Rumble

Justin RozzeroContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

Royal Rumble 2009 Storylines

1) What Will Shawn Do? There are many theories out there on what Shawn Michaels will do in his role as JBL’s bodyguard. He could do his job and help JBL win the belt or he could turn his back on his boss and help John Cena retain.

This entire angle has been pretty well written and very interesting since Armageddon. Both men have been in the zone with their promos and the ultimate blowoff will be a great one.

Here is an option to consider, and it will lead into our next compelling angle: What if Shawn helps JBL win the gold as he has promised, but then he gets himself entered into the Rumble, wins it, and moves on to face his boss for the belt at Wrestlemania in his home state?


2) Who Wins the Rumble? In my eyes there are three legitimate choices here, with a couple of secondary ones. If you asked me a week ago who the favorite was, I would have said Randy Orton.

He is the hottest heel in the business and is just locked in right now. A rematch with Cena in Houston seemed likely. However, after watching Raw last night, it seems as if there may be bigger things in store for Randy, thus taking him out of the running here.

Next up is Triple H. He is always a threat to win and he is due for another Wrestlemania title shot. I don’t think he is winning, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he took home the victory. Finally, the other favorite would be Shawn Michaels, as detailed above.

The two men that are unlikely winners but are men to keep an eye on are Chris Jericho and Undertaker. Neither man seems in line for a win, but both men are legit enough to do it.


3) Can Jeff’s Dream Continue? After years of fans questioning his ability to be a top level performer, Jeff Hardy is carrying the title like a true champion. His promo work has been solid and he has a tremendous connection with the fans.

However, you have to wonder if it has been enough to keep the title away from Edge...and ultimately Triple H.

The wild card in this match is the mystery man who has been attacking Hardy since Survivor Series. All signs point to the returning Christian, and you have to wonder if he makes his comeback this Sunday and if he will cost Jeff his gold.


4) What About That Other Hardy? Can Matt take back the ECW belt that he added so much stability to? He picked up a measure of revenge on Swagger last week on Smackdown but odds are Jack walks out of Motown with the big silver belt around his waist.


5) Rumble Surprises? There are currently 21 superstars entered in this year’s Rumble. With nine spots remaining, you have to figure a couple of surprise entrants are on tap. Could Christian be one? How about Shawn Michaels?

Or it could it be a surprise legend like Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka last year. If they want to stay local, good old Rob Van Dam could always pop in for a surprise shot as well.


Well, there you have five of the most compelling angles for this year’s Royal Rumble. If there is any show besides Wrestlemania that you order this year, this should be it. The Rumble always entertains and is three hours of great wrestling drama!