My WWE Curse at the University of Delaware

christian orendorfContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

OK, so I wish, as a man, to ask my fellow colleagues if I am cursed when it comes to WWE events hosted in the University of Delaware.  For you to understand my meaning, I am going to have to explain myself...

Two weeks before the death of Eddie Guerrero, I happened to go to a WWE Smackdown live event, which was hosted at the University of Delaware basketball stadium. Eddie was scheduled to face Rey Mysterio, but due to an injury sustained by Eddie, Rey was unable to attend the house show. So The Big Show faced Eddie in what ended in a DQ when Eddie hit Show with a chair. 

But I was happy to see Eddie wrestle, since he was an icon to me from his time in ECW, WCW, and then the WWE.

Two weeks later, he passed away. I was devastated, considering I had been raised watching him. He was a wrestler I idolized and was proud to call a hero of mine. I still cherish the memory of him, for everything he did to make his fans happy. I really didn't consider this a curse, though, until the following time I attended a WWE event there.

The following event I attended there turned out to be two weeks before Chris Benoit killed his family and then himself. Chris was my idol. I loved his wrestling ability more than anyone alive, even more than when Eddie was still alive. I had been raised on his motto, believing that hard work and dedication can bring about greatness.  He had more heart and soul than most wrestlers in WWE.

I had the honor of meeting Chris Benoit and shaking his hand at this event. He took place in not one, but two matches that night. The first match of the night was a WWE United States Championship match, which Chris had lost (if I remember right) just prior to the live event to MVP.  He went on to win by DQ because of interference by Edge, which later led to a tag match later that night between Chris Benoit & Batista vs Edge & MVP. 

I got to see my hero win, and I was proud of him.

But two weeks later, he did the unthinkable. This brought about my fear of ever going to see a WWE show there again, and with just cause. I began to feel I was cursed at WWE events in this venue.

So I went to prove this truth by going to a different venue, at a Raw event in the Wicomico Civic Center in Salisbury, MD. The last of my classic idols I grew up watching was wrestling that night. It was Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship in a non-disqualification match in which CM Punk was the title-holder at that time. CM Punk won that night, by the way.

That event took place in August of 2008, and Chris Jericho is still alive to this day (unless they are cloning him lol j/k). But it brings about my fear still of attending another WWE event at the University of Delaware venue in Wilmington, DE. 

I want your input if possible. Do you believe I'm cursed to attend a WWE event there?