Does Vegas Know the 2010 BCS Champion? They Think So...

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJune 26, 2016

Some people spend their lives looking backwards and pondering what could have been. I prefer to always look ahead.  After all, you can only control the present and the future.

So with next year's BCS Championship almost a year away, Vegas has already set the odds of who is most likely to win the college football's biggest prize next season.  They've also picked the one with the lowest odds of winning.  So maestro, drum roll please...

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 BCS Champion will be Florida! Ta Da!  Boy, with Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes coming back, that may not have been a hard one to stick your neck out on. And who do they think they will defeat in the championship?  Oklahoma, again.

So, who are the top picks?  Let's run down the top 10...

Florida: a two to one favorite

Oklahoma: at five to one

USC: at five to one (but their easy schedule kills them again)

Texas: at eight to one

LSU: at 20 to one

Oregon: at 20 to one

Virginia Tech: at 20 to one

Alabama: at 22 to one

Florida State: at 30 to one

Notre Dame: at 30 to one


And who, you may ask, is bringing up the rear?

That would be Washington and Maryland, at 200 to one.

Kansas State at 175 to one.

Rounding out the 150 to one odds are (in alphabetical order):

Arizona State




Texas A&M


Oh, where's the love?  I guess Vegas thinks as much of Gene Chizik's hire in Auburn as the rest of the country. And Bobby Petrino at Arkansas?  Where's the love?  I thought he was the master of the turnaround?  Oh wait, that was Dennis Franchione's title.

And for all of you wondering where the BCS busters are...

Utah: 125 to one.  Ouch!  Didn't beating the Crimson Tide from Alabama get them ANY respect? I guess not...

BYU: Not even rated...Boy, can you say no respect at all?

Boise State: 100 to one. Can you say Popsicle in hell?

Cincinnati: 90 to one.  No second-season magic here.

Ball State: Who? Uh, sorry, no rating or bets allowed on this team, either.

These odds courtesy of NSAWINS.COM


SCORESANDODDS.COM has a little different take on the top 10.  They are:

Florida: 7 to 2

Oklahoma: 4 to 1

USC: 4 to 1

Ohio State: 7 to 1

Texas: 10 to 1

Alabama: 20 to 1

LSU: 20 to 1

Oregon: 20 to 1

Virginia Tech: 25 to 1

Penn State: 30 to 1

I guess this bunch doesn't feel the love for Florida State and Notre Dame. In their poll, Notre Dame is 30 to 1 and Florida State is 40 to 1.


So according to Vegas, the bowl picture might look like this:

BCS Championship Game: Florida and Oklahoma—Florida wins

Sugar Bowl: LSU or Alabama vs. Notre Dame

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. USC

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Miami

Fiesta Bowl: Penn State vs. Texas

Since Vegas is usually closer than the preseason pollsters, this might be something to think about during the cold months. It could certainly institute a lot of discussion.