If You Smell What The Barack Is Cooking!- The Mic Skill Promos Of Our President!

Danny HenriquezContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

I was pretty drunk last night watching Randy Orton punt our favorite CEO's head right out of Chicago.  So with the luxury of DVR, I just finished watching the 44th President's Inauguration speech tonight.  Many people have accused me of liking wrestling too much, or being half way obsessed with the grappling industry, but I, like most people, see the "RAW" and "Smackdown" of our lives as little microcosms of society.

Barack Obama won the election and the one thing that everyone kept on saying was, "He has such good speeches and he knows how to inspire. Hearing him speak made me cry."

I also remember in late August when Obama, McCain, and Hillary came onto RAW and made there pleas to WWE Universe (BTW, I personally hate that expression, such Corn Juice!) for primary election votes in Pennsylvania.

I watched the entire 24 minute speech by Barack Obama, and the one thing I kept thinking was, "Wow, he is pumping me up for the next four years."  Love him or hate him, You cannot say that when he is speaking, he doesn't have some sort of magic, some sort of charisma, some sort of "HULK UP" that makes you look forward to seeing him wrestle--errr--I mean govern this country.

The Mic Skill is what makes or breaks superstars on Wrestling television.  Guys like Bret Hart or Jeff Hardy will be remembered for there wrestling, but not remembered for there Match Promos.  It's what makes the difference between a "champion" and "icon". 

Hulk Hogan captured a whole generation with his great in-ring promos.  Sometimes people would anticipate Vince McMahon saying, "Let's go to the back with Mean Gene, who is with our heavyweight champ- HULK HOGAN!" He made you want to watch the match, because the heart he put into his words were so inspiring and just that "hulking up."

Stone Cold Steve Austin- need I say more.  His In-Ring promos were by far some of the best in Monday night history.  With Austin telling me he was going to stomp a mud-hole in someone and walk it dry, or how he was going to beat the piss out of the Rock if he didn't come to ringside to face him.  At this time, I knew wrestling was scripted, but his passion on the mic is what made it seem so real.

The Rock- His humor and his ways of relating a wrestling match to real life things, like KY Jelly plan going against Y2J Chris Jericho, or Kurt Angle taking Viagra, or Eddie Guerrero working part time at Taco Bell. He made real life things relate to the task at hand, winning the wrestling match and being the people's champion.

Today, January 20th marks a date in history, our first black President.  Some people see it as relevant, some hate the whole idea of it.  It's America, you're allowed to feel the way you feel.

But in Barack Obama's speech, he told us that the country is in trouble (relating real life to his own match). He told us that he was going to try his hardest to make it right and have the USA return to a world power (He's stating hes going to open a can of whoop ass on current government policy). 

And that no matter what the outcome, no matter the enemy and no matter the current domestic situation, he will bring about change, and extend a hand to those who hate him (Hulk Hogan saying your prayers, eating your vitamins and BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!).

Yes, Pro Wrestling may be a microcosm, a subculture that finds hatred in popular culture (Ohhh its fake!!!).

It seems to me that Professional Wrestling had the winning formula since the beginning.

I wish all the luck to Barack Obama, and the United stated of America, and thank WWE for its influence....

I just wish Jim Duggan could have led the USA chant at the end of his speech- haha!