Brock, Rock, and If the WrestleMania Buyrate Really Did Do 1.9 Million Buys...

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2012

Brock, Rock, and If the WrestleMania Buyrate Really Did Do 1.9 Million Buys...

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    ESPN writer turned WWE insider for a day Gus Ramsey caused quite the stir on Twitter earlier this week when he reported that the WrestleMania buyrate did an eye-popping 1.9 million buys. 

    Despite deleting the pandemonium-inducing tweet, Ramsey stood by his reported figure, citing a trustworthy source within the WWE. 

    If the WWE did anything in the neighborhood of 1.9 million buys given the unprecedented one-year buildup of Cena-Rock, coupled with the experimental social media hype to promote the mega match, expect everything to change.  If it hasn't already. 

    Such a monster buyrate will have justified controversial and risky moves made by the WWE to bring in the Rock to main-event WrestleMania at the expense of rank-and-file WWE employees among other unique promotional tactics. 

    The WWE already seems to be on board with the concept of the extended buildup as they have begun to kick around potential main events for WrestleMania 29. 

    If the always capricious backstage reports are any indication, the fed will not shy away from bringing in stars from the past as they have for recent WrestleManias. 

    The WWE's new era of free agency will spell yet another delay in the once-promising youth movement as they look to ride hot business with a "win now" approach. 

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Batista and More Stars from the Past Will Return

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    The main force driving the expected success of WrestleMania XXVIII is the return of the Rock.  The WWE has realized the formula to this success by not only signing Brock Lesnar to a one-year contract for a reported $5 million, but it is also being reported that the Rock has signed yet another one-year deal with the promotion.

    Don't expect this to be the last of the WWE's newfound hunger for big stars from previous eras as there were rumblings of Batista sightings with WWE officials this past weekend in Miami. 

    The onslaught of big-name free agents in the WWE would be a direct result of Vince McMahon's impatient tendencies as his empire struggles with roster depth issues. 

    One option to rectify this ongoing problem could be to call up developmental talent and rebuild for the future.  The move would not be very enticing to fans at the outset, but it could pay off for years to come.

    Given the money there is to be made with proven headliners back in the fold, however, the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot is far too tempting as the stars literally continue to align for the WWE.

The One Year Buildup Will Become a Staple for WrestleMania Season

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    For far too long, the WWE's biggest problem was not having a plan in place for the long haul.  This led to on-the-fly booking that led to nonsensical payoffs since ideas were not logically mapped out beforehand. 

    Using the Rock and John Cena's WrestleMania XXVIII feud as a model, the WWE will now be able to see the value in announcing a main event well in advance, as this will give them more than enough time to properly promote the match. 

    The Rock and Brock Lesnar has already been heavily rumored as the WrestleMania XXIX main event, and while hardworking stars in house may not like the idea of outsiders headlining the WWE's biggest show, money talks. 

    With the Rock teasing a run at the WWE Championship and Brock Lesnar returning on that very same show, the wheels have already been put in motion for another WrestleMania main event worthy of box-office stimulation. 

There Will Be More Social Media Used to Further WWE Storylines

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    The WWE's social media initiative is already in full force as the company continues to have closed-door meetings with social media representatives as to how they can effectively promote their product. 

    Aside from their match being announced one year in advance, one of the more atypical nuances of the Cena-Rock feud was the integration of Twitter to help compensate with the Rock's busy schedule.

    Always one to be a 265-pound hermit crab, Brock Lesnar has not posted anything on his Twitter account since December 2011.  Expect that to change quickly with his return to the WWE, especially as WrestleMania draws nearer in this age of Twitter trash talk. 

A Rock-Cena Rematch Could Be on the Horizon

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    If there is one aspect that has defined the WWE booking style in the Vincent Kennedy McMahon era, it is riding hot programs until the wheels fall off. 

    With the Rock defeating John Cena in what was being billed as the biggest main event in WrestleMania history, there is still money in a rematch. 

    The Rock-Cena feud would grow stale if it were to be stretched out until another WrestleMania, so look for the WWE to pump up a high-profile big four pay-per-view (possibly SummerSlam) with Rock-Cena II. 

CM Punk vs. Steve Austin Will Finally Happen as the Dream-Match Market Booms

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    It's the dream match that books itself, and we've been hearing rumors about its possible fruition for well over a year. 

    The straight-edge CM Punk taking on noted beer drinker Steve Austin could rival Brock vs. Rock as a possible show closer for WrestleMania XXVIII.

    With the lackluster main event of John Cena vs. The Miz closing WrestleMania XXVII, the WWE is back in the dream-match business with WrestleMania XXVIII reminding fans how lucrative WWE's hallmark pay-per-view could be when dreams come true.