Ryan Vs. Joe: Who From Developmental Has the Brighter Future?

Ryan Senior Writer IJanuary 20, 2009

Well, let me begin things by making it official: I'm back. To those of you who have left notes on my profile inquiring about where I've been, I thank you. Life takes over at times and things have been busy but I hope to be back and contributing on at least a semi-regular basis.

On to the matter at hand.

Joe Burgett, the wrestling section's No. 1 writer, left me a note and offered up a challenge: Pick a wrestler in the WWE's developmental territory that has the brightest future, write about it and let the community decide.

My pick? One half of the Stampede Bulldogs and the son of Davey Smith--"The Canadian Bulldog" Harry Smith.

Just 23 years old, Smith is a chip off the old block: 6'6" 251 pounds of pure Canadian power. Wrestling a few dark matches for the WWF/E before officially signing on, Harry and the rest of the younger Hart clan (T.J. Wilson, Teddy Annis (Hart) and Nattie Neidhart) eventually joined the ranks and were shipped to developmental.

Harry has had a few stints on the main roster and has yet to be called back up since being issued strike number one for violating the Wellness policy.

So why is Harry Smith my pick? Where do I begin?

He's the prototype frame for Vince McMahon's product. A mountain of a man, he has a power game that Vince craves in his performers, just like his father before him. Being able to work with the biggest of performers gives him an edge over just about anyone on the roster.

He has the lineage, obviously. Being the son of the British Bulldog was enough, but being a member of the famous Hart family puts him to a new level. There has been talk for years that Smith would be apart of some sort of "New" Hart Foundation with Wilson & Neidhart, with Teddy Hart out of the picture for various reasons. 

This came to fruition in FCW in the past year, but the group consists of just himself and TJ Wilson as Teddy is gone from the company and Nattie is on Smackdown.

The one issue, as with many young performers today, seems to be his mic work.  He's a bit bland at the moment, but that can be worked on. Coaching from some of the better guys (Triple H, HBK, Orton, Dusty) could do wonders for him both in terms of his body of work and for his confidence.

As long as he stays off the suspended list, Harry should make his impact felt. And from that point, WWE stars will have to beware of this dog.