Cody Rhodes: What Lies Ahead After His Loss at WrestleMania 28

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 6, 2012


Cody Rhodes is one of the WWE’s young up-and-comers who is destined for great things, and he will no doubt be a future world champion.

After capturing the Intercontinental Championship in August 2011, many wrestling fans were hoping Rhodes would shatter The Honky Tonk Man’s impressive streak of 454 days as title holder.

But when Rhodes fell to defeat at the massive hands of Big Show and lost the Intercontinental Title, his goal of breaking that record did not come to be.

Wrestling fans and members of the Internet wrestling community are curious to see what lies ahead for Rhodes after his humiliating loss to Big Show.

Rhodes went one-one-one against Kofi Kingston this past Monday on RAW and suffered yet another embarrassing loss. 

Early in the match, Big Show appeared and aired a video package of Rhodes’ WrestleMania loss.  This distraction proved to be costly for Rhodes, as Kingston capitalized and pulled off a big win.

With these back-to-back losses, hopefully Rhodes will not continue on the path of a massive losing streak. In the WWE, that is the standard for most superstars who have reached a certain peak.

It’s hard to determine if Rhodes has reached that peak. 

In late 2011, he was involved in a minor program with then-World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and they put on some great matches.  With Rhodes no longer being Intercontinental Champion, he may be in pole position to vie for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rhodes has expressed his desire to become a future world champion, so it would seem plausible that he may go after the title.  There is also the possibility that he may want a rematch against Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship.

Rhodes may want retribution and the intercontinental title back in his possession, a title he claims had very little prestige before he became the champion. 

But Rhodes may not be satisfied with attempting to recapture this championship.  With the WWE Draft fast approaching, Rhodes may be traded to RAW and he could find himself in a new direction with his career in the WWE.

If Rhodes is, in fact, traded to RAW, he could be put in a program against current WWE United States Champion Santino Marella.  Rhodes would cut great promos on how a man like Santino, who wears a green sock on his hand, is an embarrassment to the U.S. title. 

Rhodes would go on to say that the U.S. Title—a title that iconic men like Ric Flair, Harley Race and Edge have worn—is nothing more than a comedic tool when used by an imbecile like Santino.

Whatever the WWE’s plans are for Cody Rhodes, he is an extremely talented and impressive superstar. 

Rest assured that if he is given the right push, Rhodes will indeed become a leader and a future world champion in the WWE.


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