Wrestlemania 28 Results: 5 Things WWE Should Change

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IApril 5, 2012

Wrestlemania 28 Results: 5 Things WWE Should Change

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    WrestleMania 28 was one of the best pay-per-views in a while, but the WWE needs to stop continuing some bad habits. 

    The night was full of legendary moments that no wrestling fan will ever get. Even the follow up on Monday Night Raw was so spectacular it had the WWE Universe in an uproar throughout. 

    While the WWE may hit gold with one or two shows per year, they need to be more effective with their programming by making some minor and major changes to their programming.

    Here are the five things the WWE must do. 

Enough About the Attitude Era!

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    The Attitude Era was the greatest wrestling era of all time. With that being said, the WWE needs to stop forcing old stars from that era to conquer over their new young talent. 

    As great as those times were, they are not the times now. A lot of fans may appreciate one or two old superstars coming back and fighting for a match or two, which is fine, but there's no reason to push them over someone in this era. 

    For example, The Rock came back and defeated John Cena at WrestleMania 28. Now what does this accomplish?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Cena is going to continue on with the WWE while The Rock is out making movies. Cena is going to have this asterisk next to everything he does because he lost the biggest match of his career.

    Sure it was unexpected that The Rock won, but unexpected does not always translate into the best choice. Although Cena didn't need much of a push, it was a move made to appease to more fans rather than the true fans in the WWE

    The WWE gets most of their views when someone like Bret Hart or Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up on television for a night.

    That's not how it should work. That's not how it was during their era.

    During the Attitude Era, the WWE pushed all of this no name talent to the top of the wrestling universe. If they were able to do it then, they can definitely do it now. 

    The WWE needs to stop using the Attitude Era as their crutch whenever they need some positive ratings.

Push Young Talent

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    The older stars from the Attitude Era will not always be around. Once they start to completely fizzle out, the WWE is going to have a huge problem on their hands if guys like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder are not household names. 

    During the Royal Rumble, the WWE had five or six people who were either from the Attitude Era or from the announcing table.

    Things like this should really come to an end. Using commentators as wrestlers is a whole other issue, but just throwing in names from that era into a match is foolish.

    There is plenty of young talent in the locker room that should be used in events like this. It's the only way these young stars can make a name for themselves. 

    CM Punk was never really a household name until this summer.

    Sure, Punk was a huge part of the WWE and many true wrestling fans knew who he was, but he was never really the top dog. With one promo and three weeks of back and forth with John Cena and the WWE, Punk became the most notorious figure in the WWE

    The creative team should not sit back in their chairs and hope another story like this happens.

    Not every superstar is going to create their own YouTube show and become an internet sensation like Ryder. If the WWE wants to continue to bring in profits and appeal to their fans, then they need to push the great pool of young talent very hard. 

Stop Giving Former WWE or Heavyweight Champions Mid-Card Belts

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    This one needs to change more than anything else because it just makes the belts look very weak.

    Why is it that Jack Swagger won the World Heavyweight Championship belt and then became a U.S. Champion a couple of years later? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Shouldn't Swagger win the U.S. belt and keep it on him until he was ready to become a Heavyweight Champion? 

    Of course. That is how it used to work because that is how it should work.

    However, the WWE has been dropping the ball a lot lately with things like this. Even Sheamus wore the U.S. title around his waist for some time after being a two-time WWE champion. 

    This is not how it should happen. 

    Hopefully, the creative team does it right with Cody Rhodes and puts the Heavyweight title around his waist now that he has dropped the Intercontinental title after being champion for more than nine months.

    However, if Rhodes were to lose it after winning it, the WWE would be wrong in putting that mid-card belt back on him. This makes the bigger championships look weak—something they are not.

    In the old ages of wrestling, when you had these belts on you were the best of the best. Now, you're just another part-time occupant who will lose it within four months. 

    The WWE must be consistent with who gets a shot at which belt and who holds which belt if they want them to stay legitimate. 

Don't Force a Diva's Match

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    Does there have to be a Diva's match every time there is a pay-per-view or a television event? 

    The Eve Torres saga with Ryder is just fine and it should continue because it's a great storyline that many people at home can relate too.

    However, the constant throw matches between one of the Bella twins and Kelly Kelly is becoming very redundant. The crowd is never into these because they have no story lines to back them up. Not to mention that every other move in the match is botched or mistimed. 

    If the WWE really wants to put Diva's in the spotlight, they should do something the fans would really enjoy like bringing back the bra and panties matches.

    If the WWE actually wants to legitimatize the division, they should create some strong story lines that take time to marinate rather than throw things on the wall and hope they stick. 

    Until the WWE learns how to push the Divas, they should not give them more air time on a pay-per-view over a World Heavyweight Championship match. 

Make the Tag-Team Titles Relevant Again

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    Really WWE creative team, really? The tag-team championship match at WrestleMania 28 was a dark match?

    The match actually sounded like it would be a good one.

    Epico and Primo have been impressive on television as of late. The Usos are a great tag-team that get pushed to the side because the WWE forgot about this great division. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are two very athletic wrestlers who can put on a show any night. Hunico and Camacho are great in-ring talent that can also put on a great show with their athletic ability. 

    This four-way tag-team match for the titles sounded great, but the WWE did not air it. The reason for that is because the WWE forgot how important the tag-team titles were. 

    The tag titles, like the U.S. and Intercontinental title, are used to help two young talents get their name out their before they get a big push for a bigger belt. Now, the tag-team titles are being passed around like hot potatoes to whatever two people the WWE wants to put together. 

    Bigger stars who are not involved in many story lines should team up together and make a big run with the tag-team belts.

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are the first two that come to mind. If the belts were put around their waist they could continue to develop until they are completely ready to be consistent WWE and World Heavyweight Champions, respectively. 


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