Ray Lewis To The Dallas Cowboys? I'd Like To See That Happen

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IJanuary 20, 2009

Ray Lewis with the Dallas Cowboys?

That is just hard to swallow. To think the symbol of the Baltimore Ravens would go to Dallas is unthinkable in some aspects.

But I would love for it to happen.

I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan as well as a Dallas fan. My best friend Isaac and I would watch the games and chat on facebook at the same time, and we both were destroyed when Pittsburgh squeezed out another win against the Ravens in the AFC Championship game.

People know me on this site as many things, hopefully all good, but I want to be known as a football historian and author of NFL Legends.

Ray Lewis was the first NFL Legend I wrote about.

I love the Ravens defense. I grew up listening to people talk about Tom Landry and the Doomsday defense. When I played football, nothing felt better than when I grabbed the guy with the football and forced him into submission.

So my love for Dallas defense got me into the Ravens—because what defense is more dominating than Baltimore's?

Not Pittsburgh's, they have a very good run game to help the defense rest. No defense can play like the Ravens' for that long. The go in after so many three-and-outs that it is amazing they are still playing fresh.

Now the Dallas defense is improving to as great extent, leading the league in sacks last year with 59 sacks. They had DeMarcus Ware leading the league in sacks with 20. That defense was ranked eighth overall in total yards allowed.

However, the defense had weaknesses. Many players were hurt and thankfully others stepped up.

The free agency is coming and some guys are going to be gone.

My main concern is in the linebacking corps. Zach Thomas has not stated any interest in resigning with the Dallas Cowboys, and it is possible he will retire. I'm sad to see him go, he will be missed.

However, what makes me excited is the idea of us getting another inside linebacker who can have the effect Thomas had.

It just so happens the best inside linebacker is going into free agency, and the Dallas Cowboys need him desperately.

Ray Lewis may be getting up in age, but he is still a giant on the field. He is passionate, a leader, a warrior, and just plain cool.

He is every thing the Dallas Cowboys need. The one thing they lacked the most was a guy on defense who would take charge and hold people responsible for their mistakes. A guy like Ray Lewis.

There are not many defensive players in the history of professional football who can raise a team to another level. Ray Lewis is one of those players. He is probably the only player in the league who has that kind of power.

How could Dallas not want him? I want him. I don't think you can find one person who would not rather him on their team. There isn't anyone who hates Ray, they hate that they don't have him.

If Ray Lewis goes to the Dallas Cowboys, then I will regain a lot of sleep I lost during the past season. Ray Lewis would be worth more than all the draft picks the Dallas Cowboys have. Dallas could have a quality player to lead the defense and cure Wade Phillips of his cursed playoff image.

Ray Lewis to the Dallas Cowboys? That is all I want for my birthday!


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