Chris Jericho: Return of a "Lion Heart"

Steve WillisContributor IJanuary 20, 2009


After last night's RAW (1/19/09), I found myself intrigued as to where Y2J was going.  Seeing Stephanie McMahon make him apologize not only to her, but to the fans as well, was a great beginning to an excellent segment (concluding with Orton/Vince).

The fans were absolutely adoring this and even got themselves involved when they ordered Jericho "On your knees!  On your Knees!"  Haha, that was great and Jericho played his part amazingly.

This is when an idea for a storyline (maybe one actually in the works, since it did hint at it) hit me bigtime.  What if Jericho were to go FACE once more?

When seeing the reactions of the fans to him apologizing while on his knees, I couldn't help but think of a storyline along the lines of the following:

Stephanie, as punishment for Jericho, decides that in order for Jericho to continue to compete at a top level and receive title shots, he must go back to being the Jericho of old—long hair, the beard, the craziness, and yes, he must beckon to the fans again.

He must earn the loyalty of the fans, even though they know he is only doing it for himself and really could care less about them. 

It will be hilarious, if only to see Jericho constantly annoyed by the fact that he must become the fan-favorite he once was and now despises.

With Steph toying with him from week to week, this could only prove to be a hilarious storyline eventually concluding with Jericho's legit Face turn.

It is no secret that Y2J was/is one of the best comedic characters in wrestling history with his cocky chants, "Come on, BABY!" and random screeches throughout the matches.

But being forced to be the Jericho of old could add to the fire that Jericho is known for and would prove to be a very successful chapter in his career. 

And let's be honest, the fans would love to see the old Chris Jericho return!

With the legacy storyline starting to build momentum with last night's events, it is only eventual that there will be a second/young generation vs. veterans/older generation feud.  With this, Jericho as a heel probably wouldn't work.