10 World Football Managers Who'll Be Sacked Before the End of the Season

Brad Grim@@bradgrimContributor IIIApril 5, 2012

10 World Football Managers Who'll Be Sacked Before the End of the Season

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    This year has not been good for football coaches, who are getting sacked left and right.

    A whopping 17 managers have been sacked in Serie A. The coaching carousel is spinning extra fast this year and the drama is not over. 

    There are still more coaches to be fired and with the end of the season right around the corner, now seems to be the opportune time for owners to sack their manager.

    Here is a list of 10 managers who won't make it to the end of the season with their respective clubs.

    The last one might surprise you.

Steve Kean, Blackburn Rovers

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    There is little doubt that Steve Kean will be out by the end of the season.

    To be honest, it is a surprise he hasn't gotten the axe yet. The Rovers are tied for 17th in the Premier League standings and have only won seven games in the EPL this season. 

    Fans have been begging for him to leave for weeks and it is only a matter of time before he gets the chop.

    The final straw was letting former captain, Christopher Samba, leave midseason. 

Roberto Martinez, Wigan Athletic

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    Roberto Martinez has been able to keep Wigan Athletic out of the relegation zone for the last couple of years.

    However, they have all been nail-biters and it seems that Martinez has run out of luck this season. 

    Wigan is also tied for 17th in the Premier League but have one less victory than Blackburn and QPR.

    If the Latics can somehow find a way to get out of the relegation zone, then Martinez has a chance to retain his job.

    But all signs are pointing to them finishing in the bottom four and Martinez getting sacked. 

Alex McLeish, Aston Villa

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    Alex McLeish's hiring as manager of Aston Villa was surrounded with controversy from the outset.

    Villa haven't been a serious title contender for a Premier League championship in a while, but they aren't usually this bad. 

    The Villains have managed only seven wins this season and if they aren't careful, the relegation zone might creep up on them.

    While it is unlikely Villa will be in the relegation zone by the end of the year, stranger things have happened. 

    Nevertheless it is apparent that McLeish will be gone by the end of the season. 

Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool

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    Kenny Dalglish was hired in late January of 2011 right before Fernando Torres was transferred to Chelsea

    He got off to a good start with the club and the Reds even managed a 1-0 victory over Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge. 

    Liverpool ended up placing sixth in the Premier League that season with the hope for improvement in the next year.

    However, the Reds have digressed and are currently eighth in the standings with less then 10 games to go.

    Dalglish did capture the Carling Cup in February but it seems to already be a distant memory.

    It isn't looking like it will be enough to keep his job. 

Javier Clement, Sporting Gijon

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    Javier Clemente has been the coach of Sporting Gijon for less than 50 days, and he still will likely be sacked by the end of the season.

    While Gijon is tied for last in the La Liga standings, the main reason why he will be sacked is because of his interactions with the media. 

    Clemente has gone after journalists in press conferences and just seems to be in his own world at times.

    According to The Guardian, Clemente was especially brutal to one reporter on Sunday saying, "I know that you have a son and one day he'll be told what a sinvergüenza[shameless bastard] his father is."

    Saying things like that will get him sacked very quickly.

Dieter Hecking, FC Nuremberg

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    FC Nuremberg was able to manage a sixth-place finish in the Bundesliga last year. But Nuremberg completely fell off this season and it is likely going to cost Dieter Hecking his job.

    Hecking took over the job in December of 2009. He seemed to have Nuremberg on track until they completely fell apart and are currently lying in 12th place.

Otto Rehhagel, Hertha BSC

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    A former Hertha BSC player, Otto Rehhagel has struggled as the manager.

    He remains confident that the club can get out of the relegation zone, but Hertha is second to last in the Bundesliga and four points inside the relegation zone.

    If Hertha can find its way out of trouble, then Rehhagel will likely keep his job.

    But that seems unlikely. 

Ally McCoist, Rangers

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    The Rangers are one of the most storied franchises in the Scottish Premier League.

    According to The Telegraph, Rangers' administrators are warning that the new buyers of the club are looking to start over fresh.

    This would likely mean a completely cleaning house and Ally McCoist would be one of the first to go.

    Rangers are currently in second place, but that likely won't be enough for McCoist to keep his job. 

Pat Fenlon, Hibernian

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    Hibernian has had a tough year in the Scottish Premier league.

    They only have six wins and it is only a matter of time before Pat Fenlon gets sacked. 

    Fenlon took over as the manager of Hibs in November of last year and the hiring has turned out to be unsuccessful.

    They are in second to last place and management will look somewhere else before the end of the season.

Roberto Mancini, Manchester City

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    Manchester City has returned to relevance in the English Premier League and are currently second in the league standings. So why is Mancini going to lose his job?

    He has lost control of his players. 

    It all started with the Carles Tevez feud in which the players sided with the Argentinian, and not Mancini.

    City was at the top of the table when the Tevez drama started. They slowly began to lose their lead and they were then passed up by their bitter rivals, Manchester United

    The Citizens are playing their worst football at the worst time. With all of their money spent, City were supposed to finally beat United to a title.

    If they can find a way to win the Premier League, then Mancini will stay.

    However, the fact that he simply doesn't have control of his players will lead to his demise.