WWE: 5 Reasons Pairing Santino Marella and Brodus Clay Could Be a Smart Move

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IApril 5, 2012

WWE: 5 Reasons Pairing Santino Marella and Brodus Clay Could Be a Smart Move

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    "Somebody call his momma!" Santino may have found a new partner in the "Funkasaurus," otherwise known as Brodus Clay.

    In an exciting development, the WWE is hinting at a possible "Cobra and Funk connection."

    Could this be an intelligent decision that would aid both men? What follows are five reasons why paring the two men could be a smart move.

It Could Give Both Superstars a Higher Purpose

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    For those of you who still haven't seen the events that unfolded after Santino's match on Monday, please check out the included video. 

    This may just be me, but after the weird "Momma's Bridge Club" dance scene at WresteMania, I was finally glad to see a hint of the "Funkasaurus" finally entering a legitimate feud.

    Ever since his January 9 Raw debut, Clay has been in a series of poorly booked—and frankly, uninteresting—squash matches. In pairing him with the "Milan Miracle," the WWE could have finally found a solution on how to book Clay as a both a comedy act and a legitimate wrestler.

    As for Santino, his newly acquired push after the Elimination Chamber rose his stock with the fans. Pairing him with Clay could result in a burst to his already prominent popularity. 

The Two Have a Previously Established Rapport

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    Those who watch Santino's "Foreign Exchange" on YouTube already know that Brodus and Santino have great chemistry together. Why not introduce this relationship to a wider audience? 

    Imagine the mishaps that the "Milan Miracle" and the "Funkasaurus" could have together as "Funky Miracle" (WWE Creative, feel free to drop a check in my mail box if you do go with that name). 

    Am I the only one who likes the idea of Brodus going around protecting Santino after he gets in trouble, shouting "My bad!" all along the way? 

It Could Appease Comedy Lovers and Haters Alike

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    Let's face it, Marella and Clay are the WWE's resident clowns, and whether you love them or hate them their pairing up could be beneficial to both supporters and opponents of the superstars.  

    On the one hand, lovers of the comedy genre of wrestling would get to see two of the funniest men of the WWE roster together every week; on the other hand, those who dislike humor in their wrestling could be at ease realizing that rather than having two individual segments devoted to each of these men, their TV would be condensed to one match. 

It Could Lead to Future Feuds

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    A pairing of Santino and Brodus Clay could lead to an interesting feud between the two and the newly named "American Perfection" duo of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler as previewed during Monday's episode of Raw. 

    While I would love to see Ziggler move on to a main event scene, I do not see that happening anytime soon now that the WWE roster features the inclusion of Brock Lesnar and Lord Tensai.

    What better way to give Ziggler some much deserved television time than to have him involved in a feud with Clay and Marella?

The Pairing Could Lead to Tag-Team Gold

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    Former tag-team champion Santino and his new buddy Clay could revitalize what until now has been a very poorly booked tag-team championship. 

    Most of current tag-team matches are a joke anyway, so why not extend the theme and have people laughing for the right reasons?

    I do not necessarily think that Santino and Clay need to win the tag-team titles, but their pairing could make some interesting matches against the current title holders Epico and Primo. It could at least result in some funny moments between Rosa Mendes and Clay's "Funkettes," Naomi and Cameron Lynn. 


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    What do you folks think? Could this be a move in the right direction for both superstars? What name would you give the new duo? 

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