The Punt Heard Round The World

christian orendorfContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

Last night, a history-making event took place:

The punt that was heard around the world. 

Randy Orton punted Vincent Kennedy McMahon, knocking the man unconscious. 

Never was I more proud of Randy Orton than I was that night. 

Regardless of his actions, I like the man he's become.  He's ruthless, aggressive, and willing to do anything to get ahead. 

This is the Randy Orton I have came to believe in and love to watch.

This reminds me of his tenure in the months coming up to his second title reign he had.  Orton had a tendency to decimate any and all opponents, knocking some unconscious and others onto the injured list.  The Orton that came just prior to the "Age of Orton" was a calculating man who was willing to do anything to win.  This was the man I was proud of, the man who practically owned WWE in terms of wins.

Then came the actual Age of Orton.  His second title reign, which did last a awhile, but didn't have half the power and strength he could've put into his reign.  A pure example was watching Orton defend the title last year at the royal rumble against Jeff Hardy, where Jeff Hardy owned him the entire match, only for Randy to get lucky with a random RKO for the win. 

It felt like a sham to watch Randy Orton during the Era of Orton.  I was not proud of his time in the Era of Orton.

I have once again become proud of his work though as of late.  He has come back to the calculated killer i've come to know and love.  He is a heel that is well deserving of another title run, so long as he keeps his attitude up and his decimation of his opponents. 

With Legacy by his side, he has the potential to become one of the best heels of our era, given the proper motivation and push to dominance. 

And with a single punt to Vince McMahon, all those dreams can come true.