The Stalking of Alabama Fans

Ctrl-Alt-DelCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

Isn't it ironic how every article created by a 'Bama fan has a flood of miscreants commenting on how "not perfect" Alabama is. Alabama fans never say we are perfect, never say we are the best, never say that other teams or fans are less than, but constantly people remind us that we are not perfect and we are not the best.

I wonder why this is? So many of them do this that even other 'Bama fans start to eat their bait and spew the same kind of rhetoric that these clowns do. These so called fans of 'Bama then spend their time preaching to Alabama fans that we are not perfect. 'Bama fans are not that special, that Coach Saban is not a god, not a god, not a god over and over again like magpies.

There is a definite pattern here. You can count on any comments section of any article by any 'Bama fan to be inundated by angry and seemingly hate filled toads telling Alabama fans that we aren't perfect. ???

Seems that so many of the them really have issues with Alabama and her fans; I wonder why? We aren't any different than any other fans in America. Our fans cross all spectrums of economic and social strata and are all different colors and have varying levels of education, you know, like most Americans.

Yet, you can have normal 'Bama fans discussing something mundane and boring, not boasting of anything, and guess what invariably happens? Here come the violent and angry warriors of other teams to call us stupid, ignorant, inbred, classless, living in a dream world, hicks, rednecks, etc...They are really, really angry and it never ends, never subsides.

As they constantly do this, even other 'Bama fans who happen to have weak minds turn against their own kind and they too start preaching that Alabama fans need to change, need to be more like everyone else, whatever the heck that means. If being like every other fan of every other team means that I have to be foul, angry, violent, and develop high blood pressure problems, no thanks. I very much enjoy being a 'Bama fan and don't want to evolve into what some of the other fans have.