WWE News: When Will Brock Lesnar's First Match Be After Returning to the WWE?

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IApril 4, 2012

H/T: WWE.com
H/T: WWE.com

If you heard a roar on Monday night at around 11 p.m. ET, that was the crowd at the American Airlines Arena in Miami blowing the roof off the building as Brock Lesnar made his return to the WWE.

With rumors and speculation burning up the internet since Monday night, questions continue to surround when the former champion will step back into the ring after hitting John Cena with the F5 at the end of Raw SuperShow.

From PWInsider.com (via WrestlingInc.com):

PWInsider reports that we could see Brock Lesnar in a WWE ring as soon as the Extreme Rules or Over the Limit pay-per-view. Lesnar is not just back to build to WrestleMania 29 - he will be wrestling before then.

This latest information about Lesnar returning to the ring as soon as the next pay-per-view, Extreme Rules on April 29 or Over the Limit on May 20, was shocking to me. After all, Lesnar has been away from professional wrestling since 2004.

The question is, who will Brock face in his first match back in the WWE?

The obvious choice would be the aforementioned John Cena, who he left lying in the ring at the end of Raw this week. However, a match between those two should be saved for WrestleMania or at least Summerslam later this year.

That being said, if it’s not Cena, I really can’t see many more superstars on the roster that would be a good match for Lesnar outside of maybe Randy Orton or CM Punk.

No matter who Lesnar will be facing in his first match in nearly a decade, I expect the crowd in attendance to give the same reaction that they did on Monday in Miami.

A deafening roar.

So, Bleachers, how excited are you to see the former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar step back into a WWE ring as an active competitor?


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