Honestly, Who Is Going To Beat Anderson Silva?

Matt RandallCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

Anderson Silva, by far the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

A statement that has not only been thrown around for years and has been tagged with many, many fighters, the only fit that really seems true is Anderson Silva.

No, he doesn't have a perfect record like Fedor and no, he didn't win a belt in Pride, yet something about Anderson Silva seems so unbeatable. Is it the fact that he won the UFC belt in only his second fight in the UFC, or is the way he won his belt? Is the fact at how dominating he has been in his weight division or the fact that it took him only one minute and eleven seconds to beat James Irvin?


The fact that it all boils down to is: Who is going to beat this guy?


His next fight is against Thales Leites for the Middleweight championship in Montreal at UFC 97, but really, does Leites really have a chance? Or are they just throwing anyone who seems to be on a winning streak at this guy?


To be honest, sure Leites could win, anyone could really win in the octagon, but will he? I think not. He didn't look like anything special against Nate Marquardt, who in my opinion and I'm certain many others was robbed. Docked two points during the fight that ultimately cost him the fight when it went to decision. Now yes, we have all heard it a million times, don't leave it up to the judges, but really, if he hadn't been docked the points would he have won? YES! However, he was docked the points, even though only one point should have been docked. But that is besides the point, IF Nate had won, would he beat Silva? No.


So, where does all of this get us? Who is going to defeat The Spider? The only person I could think of who would have the best match up chance, and the athleticism, take down skills, good BJJ and excellent striking (amoung other skills) is George "Rush" St-Pierre.


Now, if Anderson does decide to keep fighting in the light-heavyweight division there are some excellent fighters there who would pose a problem. But I don't know if he will. I'm sure Evans, Forrest, Rampage, just to name a few would give Silva a run for his money. But, they all have their weaknesses and would and could make great fights. But the odds of that unfortunately I think are low. The odds of us seeing a GSP vs. Silva fight in the future is much higher. Since Dana White stated that if George beats Penn and then defends his title against Alves, we have a chance of seeing this fight in 2009.


Now yes there are a lot of if's, and's, and but's in that, will GSP win both those fights? Will Silva loose by then? Yes and no. GSP in my opinion is going to run through both Penn and Alves and I don't see Silva losing anytime soon.


So, hopefully Dana keeps his word and gives us the fight that in my opinion will really put GSP on the map even more than he already is. I honestly believe that if anyone is going to beat Silva it's going to be GSP. He might be a weight class lower but I think he is much stronger, athletic and has better take downs. I think this fight is geared toward GSP. And I think he will shock the world.


But, first things first, GSP vs. Penn. In the words of Big John,"Let's get it on!"