Dumb No-Talent Writers Proving Wrestling Is Fake After All

Matt BinksCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

I don't write articles on wrestling; however, I am a fan and enjoy reading people's opinions and feelings on what is a great spectacle.

However, it has come to my attention that certain no-talent writers have decided to plague an opinions-oriented website to fuel their own egos and try to justify to themselves that they are something other than a no mark wannabe journalist, shamefully putting away their box of tissues and clicking off the "Trish Stratus semi nude!!!" tab on their computer.

Many, many people on this website have argued for and against wrestling as being a real sport. There will never be a definitive answer to this question, and most people are fine with that.

Something, though, is eating away at me.

Imagine you want to watch a live football game. Imagine you sit through a thrilling 89 minutes, packed full of goal mouth action and talking points, only to be completely taken back by a 90th minute winner which has you jumping up from your seat in ecstasy...

Now imagine coming to an "opinion-based" website wanting to read an interesting article, only to find, "Breaking news: Liverpool will win Saturday's game 3-2 with a last minute winner." Kinda takes away the fun, doesn't it?

Why do certain people feel the need to spoil something for the rest of us? Why can't the people (geeks) who really need to know what happens in wrestling before it actually happens stay on the wrestling websites where they belong? I want to read about wrestling, but I don't want some jumped-up little toad telling me what I am going to see.

Do you not understand that the greatest argument against wrestling being a sport is the fact that you can actually do this? You are contradicting yourself with every little painstakingly boring article you "write," and by write I mean copy.

Please keep your spoilers to yourself and let those of us who just want to sit down and be entertained and surprised have our fun.