Video: Colorado Rockies' 49-Year-Old Phenom Jamie Moyer on 'Today' Show

Ian CasselberryMLB Lead WriterApril 4, 2012

Jamie Moyer is set to pitch his 25th season in the major leagues.
Jamie Moyer is set to pitch his 25th season in the major leagues.Chris McGrath/Getty Images

As the 2011 baseball season begins, one of the great stories to follow will be Jamie Moyer, who made the Colorado Rockies' starting rotation at 49 years old. 

Making the Rockies' roster was an impressive enough achievement. But it was even more so, considering that he's 16 months removed from Tommy John surgery.

Moyer is set to pitch Saturday against the Houston Astros in the Rockies' second game of the season. With his upcoming start, the "Today" show invited Moyer on for an interview with Matt Lauer. I'm guessing it's amusing to most any veteran broadcaster to interview a professional athlete who's almost the same age. Lauer certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Here's a video clip of the interview:

Any story that can break out into the mainstream is obviously great for baseball. Heck, even my mother has heard about this story. She's my barometer for whether or not something has truly broken out into wider pop culture.

As Moyer continues to pitch, he'll be on the radar of virtually every conventional news outlet. And if he succeeds in his 25th major league season, we'll probably be seeing him on a lot of non-baseball programming.

Keep your eyes on the daytime and late-night talk show circuit, folks.