Philadelphia Eagles: The J.V. Buffalo Bills?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2009

In the early 1990’s, the Buffalo Bills lost four consecutive Super Bowls.  They were seen as the biggest goats in sports, but at least they GOT to the Super Bowl.

Going into Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, Eagles fans were all boasting that this would be their fifth title game in eight years.  One thing they forgot (obviously through binge drinking) is that they only won ONE of those games, after which they lost the ensuing Super Bowl.

But this championship game appearance was different from the rest.  After all, it had been four years since the last one, but the Eagles came in as the last seed, having barely squeaked into the playoffs.  Also different from the other ones was that those teams managed to avoid a tie, but I won’t go there.

As it turned out, they might as well have been the same teams as the result was pretty much the same.  Donovan McNabb gets fans’ hopes up, and right when they seem to be in control of the game, they choke harder than Doc Holliday.

Even David Akers, whom announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman made the subject of their latest kiss-up, missed a field goal, and an actual extra point.  That’s right.  He missed an extra point in Arizona.  Where there was no rain.  Where there was no wind.  Where Tony Romo wasn’t holding the ball.

What makes that boot, or rather attempted boot, worse was the fact that the Eagles were considering going for two at that point, being down eleven.  Instead, they chose to take the “sure thing,” but with Philadelphia, sometimes nothing is sure.

What I think hurts even more than the loss was who the loss was to.  Let’s examine the other ones.  First, they lost on the road to the St. Louis Rams, who were eking out the last performances of the greatest show on turf.  Then, they lost to the bruising Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense in the last game at Veteran Stadium.  Even the Carolina Panthers were a formidable team when they came into Philly and took the NFC title.  But the Arizona Cardinals?  A team they used to play twice a year and would usually give way to two victories.  A team they embarrassed on Thanksgiving and sent them rolling on their playoff run.

Okay, what must REALLY hurt is that the only year they did win the NFC, they did so with Terrell Owens on their roster.  Who knows?  With the talk of Dallas exploring their options with SOB, I mean, TO, maybe Owens could be ready for a return.  Hey, Van Halen let David Lee Roth back in...for awhile.

Now, Eagles’ coach Andy Reid must do the unthinkable…shave his freaking hobo beard.  I was actually getting used to his extreme facial hair.  With the big, grayish beard, and fat gut, he was starting to look like Tim Allen in the early point of the original “Santa Clause.”  But then again, Philadelphia is a city that does boo Santa Claus, so maybe that wasn’t such a good thing.