What the New York Mets and America Have in Common

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What the New York Mets and America Have in Common

Believe it or not, the New York Mets and our country, the United States of America, have a great deal in common.

Both have many positives that make people love them; however, each have those little flaws that keep them from achieving their full potential.

Both the Mets and America need change.

Tomorrow we will swear in our nation’s 44th president, Barack Obama. With his inauguration many are hoping he will bring reform and rebuild the economic platform that we rely on day in and day out.

We will also rely on our newly elected president to help mend the wounds our nation suffered overseas in Iraq.

In essence, the Mets will be doing the same thing this upcoming season. Granted, their changes will be on a much smaller scale and will not have the same repercussions.

Heading into this year the Mets will attempt to shed the dark cloud that has hung over them for the past three years.

The Mets will look in many different directions for change.

First, and foremost they will look for their players’ performances to change.

Players such as Luis Castillo, must change their approach to the game, and begin to produce at the plate.

The Mets also will need to undergo an attitude change. For the past three years, they have been looked at as the favorites to win their division.

However, now they must come to the realization that they are the underdog and need to work their way up to the top.

They also need to develop a sense of team unity and pride, which is something they have been lacking. This key component is in my opinion what differentiates them from the Philadelphia Phillies.

To a certain degree, I think a change in the way the fan base perceives certain players needs to change.

While I acknowledge the fact that New York fans will always be loud, they have to realize that their constant showering of boos does not aid a player in coming out of a slump.

This is evident in the case of Aaron Heilman last season.

Another parallel between our nation and the Mets is that no matter how dreadful things may appear at times, they always have people who stick by their side through the thick and thin.

Words cannot describe just how proud I am to be both a New York Mets fan and a citizen of the United States.

I look forward for 2009 to be both a year of recovery for our nation as well as a year of success for the Mets.

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