LeGarrette Blount Needs to Shut Up and Get with the New Buccaneer Program

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 4, 2012

LeGarrette Blount showed his has a selfish attitude.
LeGarrette Blount showed his has a selfish attitude.Grant Halverson/Getty Images

So, LeGarrette Blount wouldn't "like it" if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Trent Richardson with the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft.

"I definitely would not be happy with that pick," Blount told CBSSports.com on Tuesday.


With that declaration, it's obvious what the problem was with last year's Raheem Morris-led Buccaneer team. Blount's comments are typical of a selfish player, a player who simply doesn't understand that he's on a football team.

Blount needs to be quiet and learn how to gain three yards on third-and-2.

He definitely "would not be happy?" Seriously? Now he knows how thousands of Buccaneer fans feel when this clown gets stuffed on short-yardage plays.

Yeah, let's be "blunt" about Blount. This guy needs to shut up, get with the program and impress the new coaching staff.

Greg Schiano already has fired a bow-shot at Blount. Schiano has an aversion to fumbling, and you have to wonder if Blount got that memo.

And since when did anyone care what Blount thinks when it comes to draft choices?

His is the kind of attitude that makes for 10-game losing streaks. His is the kind of attitude that makes for locker rooms where the inmates are in charge. Well, inmate Blount, there's a new warden and he's put you on notice.

Seems Blount only worries about his "carries." Seems he fancies himself a feature back. Someone needs to sit this clown down and make him look at his short-yardage efforts.

Anyone out there want to give the ball to Blount on third-and-goal from the two?

Thought so.

Fact is, Blount has gaps in his game. He's a long way from being the complete back that he obviously thinks he is.

It's guys like Blount who got Raheem Morris canned.