Move Over Terrell Owens, Anquan Boldin Makes You Look Like A Saint

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Terrell Owens, you are officially off the hook as the worst teammate in the NFL

Yes, you have done some crazy things over the years, but most of the time, you just wanted more touches because you knew that if you got the ball, you could probably make your team win. 

In addition, you played in a Super Bowl on one leg, and almost got your team that year, the Eagles, to win a Super Bowl that you probably had no business even making a game out of. 

While you have been selfish at times, and have made some weird drops plenty of times as well, at least we knew the heart was there. 

At least we knew that you would die on the football field if it meant winning a Super Bowl. 

Finally, even you probably think that Anquan Boldin is out of his mind right now. 


Let us recap. 

In the fourth quarter of yesterday's classic NFC title game, Anquan Boldin, annoyed that he was not being used a whole lot, even though he was hurt, and maybe should not have even been playing, started screaming at his Offensive Coordinator in the middle of the most important quarter in the history of the Arizona Cardinals

Mr. Boldin, we knew that you wanted to help your team win, there was nothing wrong with that, in fact, part of your actions here were to be commended.  You were just trying to help was all. 

Yes, getting in the face of your coach at that very moment was probably bad timing, or maybe even awful timing, but conflicts come up during the course of a game, and everybody could have lived with you stopping the madness right there. 

However, after your team got into the Super Bowl for the first time in their awful history—in one of the best stories of recent years in the NFL to boot—instead of celebrating with your team mates, you ignored them. 

You did not even look happy that you just got into the Super Bowl. 

Instead, you were more annoyed that you only had four catches for 34 yards in the game while Larry Fitzgerald, your running mate at wide out, proved that he may very well end up being the best wide receiver to ever play the game by the time he decides to call it a career. 

Listen, first off, four catches for 34 yards in a game of that much importance is, while not amazing, still huge.  Without those 34 yards, you probably would not even be in the Super Bowl. 

Not all is wrong in the world Anquan. 

Even worse, you practically fought with teammates while they were celebrating getting to the biggest game in the NFL. 

In addition, you kept running your mouth, and showed that you only care about one person—yourself. 

You had many fans, and these fans thought that you were a tough-as-nails player, and one who was mature to boot. 

Yes, you wanted out of Arizona, and still do, but you put this behind you, and had a great season while missing a bunch of games. 

Then, out of nowhere, you went postal on everyone, and called out the team for not getting you the ball in the NFC title game. 

I hate to break this to you Anquan, but nobody is on your side, and nobody cares that you did not get the ball in this game. 

Your team made the Super Bowl as one of the biggest underdogs in recent years, and you were sitting there sulking as if you did not get a lollipop from the doctor after he or she gave you your necessary shots to prevent you from getting sick. 

In doing this, you not only made yourself look like a fool, but, more than likely, you probably lost every fan that you ever had. 

You proved that you are the most selfish player in the NFL today, and, quite possibly, the most selfish player in the history of the NFL as well. 

The Cardinals should bench you for the Super Bowl. 

First, they do not need you to win. 

Your team beat the daylights out of the Panthers, who were undefeated at home, without you. 

Second, you do not seem to care about the Super Bowl, and you should be treated as such. 

Anybody who does what you did does not deserve the honor of suiting up for any team, let alone an NFL team. 

More incredibly though, you practically made T.O. look like a saint for all that he has done over the years. 

At this point, nobody cares what he did.  You are now public enemy No. 1 throughout the league. 

Good luck getting that fat contract after the season is over. 

You most certainly will need it!