24 Reasons: A List from the GeorgiaDawg

Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawgAnalyst IJanuary 20, 2009

Normally when I decide to put pen to paper and write something for the Bleacher Report, I will write a rough draft.  I will do some research on whatever topic I have come up with. I will search for data to back up my statements.

You know the drill. We all do it.

But not today. Today I sit and type. If it comes to mind, I will put it to paper, plain and simple.

For some reason the number 24 is stuck in my head these days. I'm not really sure why.

I could blame it on day seven of the great TV series 24.  Will Jack Bauer save the world again? Will most of his co-workers die in the process? Will I tune in promptly every Monday at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time to find out? Of course I will.

I could blame the band Switchfoot. I have been listening to them a lot lately. The song "Twenty Four" is one of my favorites. I usually listen to it as I am driving to work. It made the playlist today.

I could blame Knowshon Moreno. The great University of Georgia running back has announced that he will trade in his Georgia red No. 24 jersey for the chance to play in the National Football League. Can't really blame him, but I wish he would stay.

Instead of placing blame for this mysterious ailment, I instead choose to celebrate.

In no particular order (remember this is off the top of my head tonight) I will now give you 24 reasons that I am proud, happy, and excited to be a Georgia Bulldog.

For all you Florida Gators, Louisiana State University Tigers, and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets out there, don't dwell on it. You wouldn't understand.

1) Tradition: Yes, all schools have it, but until you spend a day in Athens you wouldn't understand.

2) Athens, Georgia: See above.  The tradition, the sights, the sounds, the tailgating...and that's just on game day!

3) Vince Dooley: One of the great men of the game. I sure am glad he left Auburn when he did.

4) Sanford Stadium: All those UGA fans between the hedges! Nothing better on a Saturday in the fall.

5) Larry Munson: The voice, the legend—we miss you, Larry!

6) UGA I thru UGA VII: The best mascot in the country.  Nobody drools better than UGA!

7) Herschel Walker: The UGA crowd still cheers when Herschel runs over the orange clad Bill Bates in Knoxville.

8) Highway 316: Coming into Athens all that red and black, thousands of cars, so you better leave early, or those traffic lights will get you.

9) David Pollack: Of all the recent Dawgs, he is one of my favorites. He was nonstop on the field.

10) The UGA Bookstore: All things Bulldogs! A great way to spend the morning.

11) The Tate Student Center: The students share their center with all the Dawg fans as we await kickoff. Fun place to watch some pregame, or an early game.

12) The Redcoat Marching Band: When they play "The Battle Hymn" it gives me goose bumps.

13) It's Saturday in Athens: A new way to introduce the Dawgs.  Nickleback is loud and proud as they proclaim "Saturday. Saturday, Saturday nights all right."

14) David Greene: The pass to Verron Haynes in Knoxville and the pass to Michael Johnson in Auburn is enough said.

15) DJ Shockley: Thanks for waiting it out, DJ. You made it worth the wait.

16) The student section in Sanford Stadium: They are loud even when the rest of us are not, so thanks guys!

17) The Bridge: You can always find one,or two, and if you have to sell one or two. You can also watch the band warmup.

18) Mark Richt: There is something to be said for being a good man and a good coach. I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the country. Thanks, Coach.

19) Clean Old Fashioned Hate: The Jackets always give you reason for a little hate.

20) The South Oldest Rivalry: Auburn is like the cousin you have to fight with every year at the reunion.

21) The World's Largest Cocktail party: Use to be a fun place to go to for UGA fans, but not so much lately. Maybe when Tebow leaves and Urban gets bored.

22) Boss and Champ Bailey: The Bailey boys were fun to watch.

23) Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno: Okay, these should count as two, but since they are both leaving: Thanks for the memories, guys. Wish we could have watched you for one more year.

24) Finally, I'm just happy to be a Bulldog, because I'm just happy to be here. In just over 24 hours I will celebrate an anniversary. Five years ago this week, I had heart bypass surgery at a very young age. Thankfully, everything went well, and I have good health today.

So whether you are a Bulldog, Jacket, or a Tiger, celebrate life every day. Stop and smell the roses. Tell those around you that you love them.

Win or lose on the field, we all have a lot to be thankful for!


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