Lord Tensai: Expect Slow Rise to Relevance for WWE's Newest Star

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2012

Photo via mediotiempo.com
Photo via mediotiempo.com

The oddest moment of Monday Night Raw last night was without a doubt the Lord Tensai segment.

After being surprisingly absent from WrestleMania 28, he finally made his highly anticipated debut after WWE had teased him in recent weeks. His first opponent was Alex Riley, and it was an absolute joke.

He destroyed Riley with a bevy of moves, making it by far the most one-sided match of the night. It was an absolute beat down.  Then, after he pinned the sorry-sucker, Tensai continued his assault to send a statement of sorts.

He’s here and he’s not going to be messed with.

It was a rather intimating moment to watch his stone cold face surveying the crowd as Riley rolled around on the ground in extreme agony.

This is just the beginning for the one they used to call A-Train and Prince Albert.

With the slow buildup to his first match, it seems as if WWE wants to wean back Tensai slowly. With the next major PPV event not scheduled until the SummerSlam in August, there is plenty of time to build him up.

Allowing him to slowly work his way past the lesser stars while advancing his character can set up an epic summer beef against a guy like Sheamus, or maybe even CM Punk. His diabolic persona is intriguing, and there are plenty of directions the creative team can go with him.

Just from watching his brief three-minute squash on Monday, he was visibly fatigued and trying not to gasp for breath. I’d bet he needs to put in a ton of work behind the scenes to get him back to the shape he was in during a different persona.

The future is bright for Lord Tensai, but don’t expect his story to progress very quickly.