Steeler Fans Breathe Sigh of Relief at Eagles Loss

Don SpielesCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Before the kick-off in Pittsburgh on Sunday, a cheer could be heard from deep in the bowels of the Ketchup Bowl, known as Heinz Field, as the Arizona Cardinals narrowly defeated the Philadelphia Eagles

Those men in black and gold were able to take the field with lighter hearts knowing that they should beat the Ravens, which they of course did, the birds they face next week will be red and not green.  Anyone who calls the Steelers their team, and knows their history, joined their team in a collective sigh of relief.

Not facing the Eagles in the Super Bowl significantly increases the Steeler's chances of victory,  which is by about 30 percent to be precise. 

For those who doubt me, or are, who are not knowledgeable in the days and years that have made their franchise what it is today, then let me take a moment to verse you.

Since the dawn of time, or pro football, whichever came first, the Eagles and Steelers have squared up exactly 76 times.  Of those meetings there have been three ties.  For the Steelers, there have been 46 losses, which includes five of the last eight meetings and includes one of only four Steeler losses in their 1979 Super Bowl year.

This meager .370 percent winning average should certainly not hinder the enthusiasm for Steeler fans who are about to watch their team try for a unprecedented sixth Super Bowl Win for the franchise.  They should probably keep that stat in in mind when talking to their green and silver neighbors.

Do we need to look so far back?  I believe so.  So do the Steeler fans, or so they remind me often.  Those four Super Bowls in the 70's are still as fresh as yesterday's kielbasa.  The past must be considered.

The franchise from Philly is certainly cursed when it comes to the big enchilada, but in terms of the "Battle for PA" it seems clear just who is calling who "Daddy".

Congrats Steelers - Beat those Cards!