Kansas City Next NHL Expansion Team

G LContributor IJanuary 19, 2009

It has been 33 years since Kansas City has had an NHL team, but it seems evident they will not be waiting too much longer. With the economic crisis financially crippling many NHL teams and leaving them on the cusp of bankruptcy, there will be several NHL teams forced to relocate in the near future. No one would like to see one of these teams move North of the border more than me, but there is no doubt a Kansas City team will be given the chance to fail in another southern market totally oblivious to the great sport of hockey.

Going back to 1976, the Kansas City Scouts played their inaugural season garnering only 41 points and losing 21 straight to end the season. The following season was not much better finishing with only 12 wins and an embarrassing 36 points. After only two seasons they were already millions of dollars in debt and the teams investors pulled the plug on the franchise partly due to a total lack of fan support, (in their final season they only sold 2,000 of 8,000 seasons tickets). Expansion to Kansas City was widely seen as a huge mistake and they moved to Denver the following season before moving to New Jersey to become the Devils.

In 2007, Kansas City opened the 18,500 seat Sprint Center and made a strong play for the Pittsburgh Penguins, offering them free rent at the Sprint Center if they moved to KC. William "Boots" Del Biaggio III also made an offer to purchase the Nashville Predators with the intention of bringing the team to the Sprint Center. However, Biaggio later ran into legal trouble over a multitude of unpaid loans and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, effectively ending any chance of moving the Predators to Kansas.

There have been several rumors about which team would relocate to Kansas City-Phoenix, Nashville, Flordia to name a few as well as the New York Islanders whose GM has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress toward a new arena deal.

But it is really just a matter of time before Kansas City will be given an NHL team, as our stubborn commissioner continues his frivolous attempt to make hockey a national entity in the US.