Leaving Behind My First College Football Season at Bleacher Report

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IJanuary 19, 2009

I really enjoyed starting my first site this past College Football season, The College Football Place, and certainly enjoyed all of the new friends I made over here at Bleacher Report, but there are some things I want to just leave in the trash as we move into the off season and really season 2.

I will be forever be grateful for all that Bleacher and the community have done for me, it has truly been a blessing and has been inspiring, even in times when I could find little or no other inspiration, it has pushed me to become better in everything I write.

With that being said, it's a growing process and some experimentation took place, it's time we keep the good and get rid of the bad, and truly take things to the next level. Here are a few ways we can start.


1) Lets get rid of the people STEALING CONTENT through the RSS feed

I'm not sure how many of you have noticed, but our articles are turning up all over the place, and while Bleacher may or may not be getting credit, the writers never are. While whatever I put on Bleacher is their's to do as they wish, I'm not so sure that reprinting our articles on places and blogs whose only content is supplied through RSS feeds are what we had in mind when we sat down and wrote these articles.

Most of these sites have advertising so they are making money off of us and Bleacher and not only not sharing it with us, they aren't even giving us the decency of saying we wrote the stuff. This is pathetic. If you are reading this on a place other than Bleacher Report, there is a good chance this is stolen.

I want the guys at Bleacher to profit from my writing as this site has given my site a ton of exposure I couldn't have gotten elsewhere. If they aren't making anything from these thieves, let's cut these thieves off.

If you guys ever notice, I usually put a lot of linking in my articles, it isn't becuase I am trying to get attention, it's because I want to be able to trace my articles back to wherever they are ending up and it works like a charm.


2) Let's get rid of the people who make personal attacks on other readers

These are the trolls, the people who don't identify themselves in any way, use a picture of a football helmet or something instead of their own picture and thinks that because they hide underneath a hood that it gives them the right to take the conversation outside of the topic and make personal statements.

These people know who they are and we should give them a clean start and a chance to get it right the second time. Just because someone mentions a true story about one of their players getting arrested doesn't give then the right to assume they know anything about us.

Let's ditch these losers if they can't be accountable for what they write.


3) Let's question what is wrong with the sport if there is something wrong

I see an awful lot of profiles with people saying they want to work for ESPN and that's a pretty neat thing if that's what you are into. Kissing up to them probably isn't going to separate you from the masses. For a change, I would love to see some of the young guys take on the issues and change the game.

While a lot of you don't know it, my generation changed the game (no, I'm not taking credit for it, I'm just saying it can happen). It used to be regulated as to how many games could be broadcast in a given week. The University of Georgia fought it in the 80's and backed by public support won and that's why we get so many games on TV now, the public can make a difference, look it up, it's the truth.


4) Let's talk more about football

There seem to be less people talking football and more fluff articles every week as the season went on. Fluff is nice for a Sunday night, but we have a whole offseason to read about things like that. Sure, everyone likes a funny article and everyone loves insight, but how many times do we read about something we just saw a story on?


5) Skip the "Breaking News" that isn't breaking news

Mark Sanchez leaving USC was breaking news once, a day later it wasn't and 40 or 50 articles on that same subject doesn't make it any more breaking news than what it is at that point in time.

There are only a handful here with press credentials who would have access to breaking news. Occasionally someone gets a scoop like the ticket fraud articles were really well done, but usually the news had been broken. One thing that isn't broken are the links to CBS, FOX, ESPN, etc, those guys, while not always the most insightful at covering games, have the news side of things down pretty well, let's let them have it.


These are just a few things I was thinking about as I sat down and noticed more of my articles dancing around the internet disguised as written by "Admin".