WWE News: Randy Orton Pulled from 'Marine 3' Movie

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 3, 2012

Photo: buddytv.com
Photo: buddytv.com

Since 2002 the WWE has been involved in the movie industry and has produced numerous films that most wrestling fans would not line up around the block for.

Their latest project is the third installment of The Marine series, the first film starred John Cena and the second film starred Ted Dibiase Jr.

The film was slated to have Randy Orton as the main character, but some new information has surfaced that resulted in Orton being pulled from the movie.

According Military Times, a blog dedicated to the United States Marine Corps via. TMZ.com Orton was pulled from the movie due to his checkered military career. 

While he was stationed in Pendleton, Calif. with the 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Corps Orton left the unit for nearly three months and was deemed a deserter.

In addition to the desertion charge, Orton was also charged and found guilty of willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer.

As a result he was court martialed and spent 38 days in a military prison.

Cpl Mike Vinn, Orton's former unit member commented to TMZ.com on Orton landing the role:

I am disgusted that his face and the word Marine are being used next to each other — real or fake — because of the fact that he quit us, the country, and the Marine Corps, in the role of a Marine is a disgrace to those that have worn and are wearing that uniform

Upon hearing this new information, Orton was pulled from the movie by the WWE, and a representative from the company commented to TMZ.com regarding Orton:

WWE demonstrated poor judgement in signing Randy Orton for the 3rd installment of the film.

With this new information Orton's potential movie career with the WWE could be up in the air, and it may hurt his chances of landing future movie roles.


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