2012 NFL Draft: The Indianapolis Colts' Worst-Case Scenario

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistApril 3, 2012

Martin is a great player, but it would be best if he didn't wear Colts blue in 2012.
Martin is a great player, but it would be best if he didn't wear Colts blue in 2012.Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For any team, the worst-case scenario in the draft is simple: take a guy who gets hurt immediately. This week, however, we'll be looking at each team in the South, pinning down their nightmare draft scenario.

Because I believe that teams should always take the best available player, the worst-case scenario for a front office occurs when the best player on the board happens to fall at a position that they don't need or don't value. That forces a difficult decision. The pick can be traded if there is a partner willing to deal, but if none can be found then the general manager has to make the ultimate tough call.

Should he take the best player on the board or pass up talent to fill a need?

It's the worst-case scenario. Either choice is unsavory. You can never have too much talent at a position, but it's always better when the stars align perfectly and a team can take a player who makes them instantly better.

The Indianapolis Colts don't have anything to worry about in the first round because no one picks before they do, but what about the second round and beyond? There simply aren't any positions that are so stocked in Indianapolis that they couldn't use a talented upgrade. The Colts can afford to take the best player available because that player will always have a decent chance to break into the lineup.

Perhaps the worst case for Indy would be if the best player available in round two or three was a running back. Boise State's Doug Martin is roughly the 34th best player on the board. Maybe he would be the one to pop up first on the Colts round two list.

The Colts have running backs. Donald Brown and Delone Carter may not be great, but wasting high picks on a running back would be a shame for a team that has needs at virtually every other position. Colts fans should be hoping for a dynamic pass catcher to start the second round.

Anyone who runs the ball would be the Colts' worst-case option for rounds two and three.