WWE Knows a John Cena Heel Turn Won't Work

Marc Quaranta@@MarcQuarantaCorrespondent IApril 3, 2012

Throw back on a throwback
Throw back on a throwbackMichael N. Todaro/Getty Images

For years now the WWE Universe has been begging for a John Cena heel turn, and yes, I was one of those fans until I watched Monday Night Raw. (May I just say Brock Lesnar's return will make for an epic couple of months, but that is for another night.)

Watching Raw last night and hearing Cena talk, there is one thing to walk away knowing—John Cena's heel turn will not work!!!

The crowd went nuts last night when Cena said, "everyone thinks this is the night I will finally turn on the WWE Universe," but yet again it wasn't. But when he said it was going to be, the place went crazy, and mad props for Miami for being the hottest crowd since Chicago's MITB showing.

People want John Cena to turn heel so badly that when he finally does...people are going to cheer for him! Cena will one day go back to clowning on people with raps and rhymes and making people laugh and cheer for what he says. He will have that swagger that people hated, and he will be the badass he was Dr. Thuganomics came into the WWE.

There lies the problem: That is the character that everyone grew to love! Nobody will boo him if he turns heel, and it will put his character in limbo.

With that being said, I do think John Cena needs to grow his (you know what) back and be an aggressive angry man. He is too friendly and not angry enough to be a professional wrestler. I mean he beats guys up for a living, he should show some attitude. We saw glimpses of that with The Rock and people approved.

But a lot of people want him to turn on the crowd and become that bad guy. That won't work. The second he gets mean and does something bad, people will lose their minds and cheer for him so loudly, that he won't be booed.

Nobody is booing the Face John Cena, we are just booing the Good Guy John Cena. Having him be a heel will ruin his run, and it won't work in the long run either. He can be the face of the company as long as he brings back that "swag" that made him so popular in the first place. Lose the goofy colors, the dumb smile, and quit talking to the camera when you come out for your entrance.

Wear the throwback jerseys and the chain, rap, and just show an aggressive side.

You don't have to be a heel to be bad, and hopefully the WWE has figured this out.