WrestleMania 28 Review: How Well Did Monday Night Raw Advance WWE Storylines?

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Review: How Well Did Monday Night Raw Advance WWE Storylines?

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    The post-WrestleMania 28 edition of Monday Night Raw on April 2 tied up many loose ends, providing answers to the Rock's future and John Cena's next feud.

    The first Raw after WrestleMania is the most important Monday night show of the wrestling year. It finishes off hanging storylines. It creates fresh new ones to look forward to.

    The Raw after WrestleMania serves as a new introduction. It tells us where we're going next. The April 2 edition did just that. We have new directions to follow in the aftermath of last night's PPV.

    While the majority of answers fans received were fantastic, others were less compelling. Here's a look at the post-WrestleMania storylines Monday Night Raw has given us.

Alberto Del Rio Inserts Himself into the Daniel Bryan and Sheamus Feud

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    After an 18-second match, you had to expect this feud was far from over. But how can the WWE keep you enthused?

    Insert Alberto Del Rio.

    Del Rio returned Monday night to inform new world heavyweight champion Sheamus that he will meet him in the ring at Friday night's Smackdown.

    Assuming this isn't a one-and-done, this could be a great storyline.

    Del Rio vies for the belt while Daniel Bryan systematically interferes and keeps himself as a contender. Sheamus then has to fend off two at once.

    Speaking of Bryan, where the heck was he?

    All we got was a 30-second staredown.

    A side storyline that could have worked: Bryan blames AJ for the loss and torments her for another few weeks to a month before she finally ditches him.

    Storyline Status: Bigger and building.

Kane and Randy Orton, Round 2?

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    No one saw or heard from Kane or Randy Orton the entire night.

    Instead, fans saw a four-second snippet to promote a rematch between the two on Smackdown.

    So, the feud isn't over?

    WWE provided no answers or explanation to why there is a rematch. One thing is for sure: the storyline needs to end.

    Storyline Status: Over before it began.

Cody Rhodes vs. the Big Show Isn't over Yet

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    Just when most fans figured Cody Rhodes is free to pursue higher opportunities, the Big Show returns to taunt him.


    It wasn't a bad storyline to begin with, but it served its purpose and it's time to move on. Big Show can help push someone new over or spend time as the Intercontinental Champion.

    Rhodes needs to take the next step soon.

    He should have come out and crushed Kofi Kingston to show the world his anger and talent, and rebound from the WrestleMania loss.

    Storyline Status: Regrettably still going.

The WWE Divas Disappear Again

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    So Kelly Kelly with Maria Menounos bests Divas champion Beth Phoenix and Eve. How will Phoenix respond?

    She won't. Neither will any other diva.

    No Kelly demanding a title shot. No Phoenix complaining.


    What a waste of Kelly's showcased talents last night. What a waste of a division.

    Storyline Status: In the tank.

John Laurinaitis Begins His Reign as General Manager

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    Due to Team Johnny's win at WrestleMania 28 over Team Teddy, John Laurinaitis is the undisputed general manager of Raw and Smackdown.

    He jumped in head first.

    The show opened with a meeting of all the talent. Laurinaitis got to work early putting Santino Marella's United States championship title on the line as well as CM Punk's WWE championship.

    Though he deemed his rule as "People Power," he quickly put Team Johnny members in positions to excel.

    Storyline Status: Incredibly intriguing.

The Eve and Zack Ryder Relationship

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    Last night at WrestleMania 28 we saw Eve essentially rob Team Teddy of a win. After distracting her boyfriend Zack Ryder, she later kicked him in the crotch.

    As if the fans needed more of a resolution (or cared), Eve forced one upon them.

    The two-minute rant—constantly interrupted—was boring and unnecessary.

    Storyline Status: Thank goodness it's over.

Chris Jericho Isn't Done with CM Punk

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    I personally thought a CM Punk and Mark Henry storyline could have gone somewhere.

    Coupled with the feeling Chris Jericho would quietly go away, I was surprised at what went down.

    This storyline clearly isn't done.

    It's a great feud between two of the best.

    But where can it go from here?

    Storyline Status: More time required.

The Era Really Did End

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    So, is the era over now?

    Just kidding.

    Obviously the Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are going into hiatus for a long time after the Hell in a Cell match. There really isn't a need for drawing it out.

    The fact that there was a hardly a mention truly lets these guys ride off into the sunset on their own terms.

    Until next year of course.

    Storyline Status: If it holds, effectively ended.

Finally, the Rock Has Come Back...for a Title Hunt?

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    So many questions arose once the dust of WrestleMania 28 settled.

    Will the Rock stay for a bit?

    Will he leave us once again?

    Will we see a rematch with John Cena soon or at WrestleMania 29?

    The Rock wasted no time in providing fans with the answer: "Don't need no revampin', the Rock is going to be WWE champion."

    Clearly he's back and he's headed toward the top for one last hurrah. I'm guessing not many saw that coming.

    Storyline Status: Interesting and exciting, yet questionable.

Where Does John Cena Go from Here?

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    Perhaps more intriguing than what the Rock does next is how John Cena rebounds. Does he look for a rematch or does he start a new feud?

    Enter Brock Lesnar.

    Boom—answer solved.

    There will be no heel turn yet, folks.

    For once, Michael Cole put it best: "The entire landscape of the WWE just changed with one F5."

    Brock is back.

    This feud is going to be even bigger and better than Cena and the Rock.

    Storyline Status: BRILLIANT