Pro Wrestling News: Scott Steiner Buries TNA on Twitter

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 3, 2012


For the past few years, Scott Steiner has been a staple in TNA and was one of the company's top-tier performers. However, in the past few days it's been speculated that Steiner has been released from TNA, although it has not been confirmed. 

According to, Steiner is not listed on their roster of current TNA superstars. That would be a good indication that Steiner no longer works for the company.

Steiner said some very harsh words about TNA via his official Twitter account, and judging from these comments it would make sense that Steiner no longer works for the company.

Steiner made the following comments:

It took them 1 1/2 months to drive tna to its lowest ratings ever...the best way to save it is to jump off and be the voice for the guys ...

— Big Poppa Pump (@ScottSteiner) April 3, 2012

Right now im trying to save tna bcuz its the titanic and its sinking fast bcuz hogan n bischoff r doing the same bullshit they did to de ...

— Big Poppa Pump (@ScottSteiner) April 3, 2012

Same bullshit they did to destoy wcw

— Big Poppa Pump (@ScottSteiner) April 3, 2012

If Steiner was released from TNA, it would explain his absence from its programming the last few months. And with the recent reports of TNA's financial problems, trimming the fat by releasing some talent would alleviate the pressure.

However, if Steiner is still with the company he might have some explaining to do to TNA president Dixie Carter.


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