UFC 93: Writer's Results

Andrew AltonCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

UFC 93 has come and gone.


Siver defeated Mohr via round 3 TKO.

Drwal defeated Serati via round 1 KO.

Schafer defeated Mendes via round 1 TKO.

Kampmann defeated Barros via round 2 TKO.

Hathaway defeated Egan via round 1 TKO.

Davis defeated Lytle via split decision.

Belcher defeated Kang via round 2 submission.

Palhares defeated Horn via unanimous decision.

Rua defeated Coleman via round 3 TKO.

Henderson defeated Franklin via split decision.


For this event, six writers submitted their picks for the outcome: Jessy Morris, Jaime Moreno, Mike Leanza, Brian Oswald, Flyin' Hawaiian, and Andrew Alton.

Brian Oswald:  9-1 (90% overall)

Jaime Moreno:  8-2 (80% overall)

Andrew Alton:  8-2 (80% overall)

Flyin' Hawaiian:  8-2 (80% overall)

Mike Leanza:  7-3 (70% overall)

Jessy Morris:  6-4 (60% overall)


The Consensus:  8-1-1 (89% overall)

There were nine consensus picks by the writers out of the 10 fights. The one fight that was not a consensus was Nath Mohr vs. Denis Siver, which was won by Siver.

Of the nine fights that were a consensus, the writers were unanimous in all three picking the same fighter to win (Hathaway, Palhares, and Rua). The "consensus" went 3-0 (100% overall).

The "consensus" correctly picked eight of the nine fights correctly.

The lone "underdog" to win according to the "consensus" was Alan Belcher defeating Denis Kang.  Andrew Alton was the lone writer to select Belcher to win the fight.

Stay tuned for the selections for UFC 94. Penn vs St. Pierre in less than two weeks.