WrestleMania 2012: Daniel Bryan Is the Biggest Thing in the WWE Right Now

Graham GreenleeCorrespondent IApril 2, 2012

Since being booking in an 18-second match at Sunday night's WrestleMania event, many WWE fans have been worried that the powers that be are attempting to bury Daniel Bryan.

If tonight's Monday Night Raw haven't assuaged their fears, perhaps nothing will. Whether you are a Bryan fan or not, it was an exciting and rare crowd that populated this week's show.

Whether his WrestleMania booking was a legitimate attempt to bury Bryan or a calculated move by the WWE to turn him into a top-tier star, Bryan may be standing tall as the biggest wrestler in the WWE after Monday night. 

The crowd at Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena was definitely in the pro-Bryan camp as chants of "Dan-iel Bry-an" and "Yes Yes Yes" permeated every match and segment of the night.

The crowd even utilized a "Si Si Si" chant when Alberto Del Rio made his segment.

Even with only a brief on-screen appearance in which he didn't even speak, Bryan drew a bigger crowd reaction than anyone else during this week's Raw, save The Rock or Brock Lesnar.

If Bryan were to never make another WWE appearance, his "Yes Yes Yes" chant would become the new Stone Cold Steve Austin's "What?!" or Kurt Angle's "You Suck!"

If this turn of events was planned by the WWE, it shows an amazing foresight into how the crowd will react when given a certain set of circumstances.

If Bryan's pop was not planned and the WWE had wanted to bury him after WrestleMania, the powers that be must be scrambling to rewrite the next few weeks of WWE programming as you read this.

CM Punk is still the most popular full-time WWE superstar on the current roster, but Bryan may now be the next big WWE A-lister.