WWE: Why Initial Impressions Are Positive for Lord Tensai

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIApril 2, 2012

Like my Bling?
Like my Bling?

Hey there Bleachers!

I have just finished watching Lord Tensai (aka A-Train) and I must confess, for the most part, I was happy with what I saw. 

While not super-imposing in terms of physique (though I would NOT want to meet him in an alley, regardless of how it is lit, as he looks a bit more like Body by Denny's as opposed to Body by Jake) he more than made up for it in terms of ring charisma, costume and brutality.

Lord Tensai went up against Alex Riley, who has lately been on the bottom of the heel of the boot of WWE creative, was offered up as a sacrificial lamb to put Tensai over as a monster heel. 

The nice thing about this match (not long, five minutes at most) was that Lord Tensai actually wrestled, pulling off a few impressive moves that included a form of power bomb, a splash and a claw like move. 

He was also covered in tattoos, including Asian script that, according to commentary, warns all to be "Wary of Tensai". 

Cool stuff. 

What I like about this match and character, which I feel has been sorely lacking in another recent addition to the WWE, Brodus Clay, is that some actual wrestling took place. 

Now this is not a knock on Brodus—I actually really enjoy his character and there's is definitely a place for his light-hearted brand of grappling in the mid card, but so far all we know is that he can impersonate a dinosaur well and dance. 

I guess.

More on Brodus in another article.

But before I leave Brodus and Lord Tensai, I would love to see a feud between these two. 

They have similar physiques (though Tensai does look like his condition is probably superior to Clay's) and have very contrasting personas and ring presences. 

From initial impressions, Tensai appears to be able to go well as a "more agile than he looks" brawler and could be a solid addition to the mid card. 

If he can put on a few more good matches against some credible opponents and maybe show a submission or two, he might just make an upper mid or lower main event card character. 

We will see Bleachers, we will see.


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