Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins' Top 10 Plays of March

Branden FitzPatrick@divingmelvinCorrespondent IApril 3, 2012

Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins' Top 10 Plays of March

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    DeMarcus Cousins owned the month of March. Not only did he score nearly 20 points a game, Cousins also dominated the top plays list.

    Cousins has evolved into a reliable scoring and rebounding threat under Kings head coach Keith Smart. While the wins haven't necessarily built up for the Kings, there's no doubt that the effort is there.

    Cousins, along with the rise of rookie point guard Isaiah Thomas, has given the Kings the confidence and ability to win any game they play in. 

    The Kings have lacked a true franchise player since the day Chris Webber was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Kevin Martin wasn't special, and Tyreke Evans has severe limitations as a player.

    Cousins is different. He's so naturally gifted that the sky is the limit if he can continue to improve.

    If Cousins can finish the season the way he played in March, he could be an all-star come next February. 

10. Putback vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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    This is what you like to see from your centerpiece player. 

    Cousins was aware and sliced through the paint for the easy putback dunk. The three Lakers in the paint had no clue what happened.

    Cousins' speed is so impressive for a big man. It's scary to think what he could do if he could utilize that speed consistently throughout the game. No big man in the league could keep up with Cousins for an entire game.   

9. Never Give Up Mentality vs. Utah Jazz

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    The effort Cousins' displays on this play is great. It's a sign of hope for this struggling franchise. 

    When your best player plays this hard, it's contagious. Cousins once again displays his strength in the low post. 

8. Throw Down on Jeremy Tyler

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    There was some attitude to that dunk.

    Cousins finished the game with 28 points and 18 rebounds in a loss to the Golden State Warriors

7. Baseball Pass to Thornton vs. Utah Jazz

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    Showing off his inner quarterback, Cousin darts the basketball down the court to Marcus Thornton. Tough pass. Tough shot.

    This is the kind of teamwork Kings fans want to see more of.  

6. Poster on Blake Griffin

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    Not quite a Blake Griffin level dunk, but impressive none the less.

    Griffin finally got a taste of his own medicine. He wanted no part of that dunk.

5. Oop from Evans vs. Los Angeles Clippers

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    If Evans and Cousins can continue to make plays like this, they could become a great duo in the NBA.

4. Spin Move Dunk vs. Dallas Mavericks

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    This play is reminiscent of a young Amar'e Stoudemire. What other power forward/center in the league can do that spin move? It was such an explosive play that it even got rapper Drake off his seat.  

3. Open Court, Behind-the-Back vs. Utah Jazz

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    Any coast-to-coast play with a big man is impressive. One where the big man dribbles behind his back and blows by a guard is extraordinary.

2. Ferocious Dunk over Marc Gasol

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    Watch out!

    Cousins' throw down on Grizzlies center Marc Gasol was so vicious that it sent a message for the rest of the game. After losing to the Grizzlies 128-95 on January 29, the Kings finally got their payback. 

1. Coast-to-Coast vs. Atlanta Hawks

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    What's the best part of this play?

    The steal? The dribble between Jeff Teague's legs? The overall speed? The finger roll lay-up?

    All four combined in one play make for the most monumental Cousins play of the month.