Chances of Stan Kroenke Moving Rams to LA Reduced Thanks to Magic Johnson

Clifton W. WilliamsContributor IIApril 2, 2012

Stan Kroenke
Stan KroenkeDilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

With Magic Johnson’s group buying the Dodgers, and the Anschutz Entertainment Group's (AEG)  being told by the NFL that their terms would be rejected, it appears that the talk of the St. Louis Rams moving back to LA has quieted down a bit.

The owner of the Rams (Stan Kroenke) was part of a group that was trying to buy the Dodgers. To some, the thinking was that if Kroenke was awarded the franchise then it would make sense to move the rams back to LA. With his real-estate background, he could develop that entire area into something special and it would be an easier project to have two teams there instead of one.

If that wasn’t going to be an option, then as long as there was someone close to breaking ground for a new stadium then the Rams fans would be worrying about Kroenke taking Horace Greeley’s advice and heading west. It appears that once again, plans for a new stadium have stalled.

Reports from LA are that Magic Johnson’s group has spoken to the NFL about building a football stadium, but so did the two past owners of the Dodgers, and nothing was ever able to get past the planning stages.


While it feels like the fans should be breathing easier, nothing will get them to relax until a new agreement is made either to improve the stadium or to build a new one. The sports fans in St. Louis have every reason to be nervous. They have seen this play out badly before. The football Cardinals moved to St. Louis from Chicago, only to relocate to Arizona.

The Rams moved to LA from Cleveland only to move to St. Louis. We have lost two Basketball franchises–the Hawks to Atlanta, and one of my favorite teams to watch–the St. Louis Spirits. They were one of only two ABA teams to not merge into the NBA. St. Louis has a reputation for being a great baseball town and yet had to watch as the St. Louis Browns become the Baltimore Orioles.

If you try like I did, I don’t think you can find any statement make by Stan Kroenke that would indicate that he has any desire to leave St. Louis.  He is a remarkable businessman that likes to keep his negotiations private. Lets hope that he can get a deal that he can live with, and then we can get excited about the action on the field instead of worrying about where the field will be.

After all, how could anyone named after St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famers Enos "Country" Slaughter and Stan "The Man" Musial (his full name is Enos Stanley "Stan" Kroenke) ever move a team out of St. Louis.