WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: 5 Possibilities After WrestleMania 28

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIApril 2, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: 5 Possibilities After WrestleMania 28

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    Last night, history took place at the Sun Life Stadium in sunny Miami, Fla.

    WrestleMania 28 is in the books and The Rock was victorious, putting #BootsToAsses to John Cena and ending a match a year in the making. 

    Now, just a day later, and a few miles down the road, WWE Monday Night RAW emanates from the American Airlines Arena.

    The WrestleMania 28 fallout is upon us and it is time to begin a new season in the WWE.

    Let's look at a few possible occurrences that may take place during tonight's show.

5. Chris Jericho Goes off the Deep End

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    After failing to secure the WWE Championship from the grasp of CM Punk, Chris Jericho is likely to not be in a good mood on Monday Night RAW.

    In what was his 11th WrestleMania match all-time, Jericho was out-shined by Punk and lost the rights to claim himself as "the best wrestler in the world."

    What is Jericho likely to do after his big loss to Punk?  How will he handle it?

    On the other hand, will CM Punk rub in the victory and pour salt on the wound, or will he move on from Jericho?

4. John Laurinaitis Rewards Miz with a Title Shot

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    While Chris Jericho may be in a foul mood on Monday night, John Laurinaitis is likely to be on cloud nine after his team secured a victory against Teddy Long's team at WrestleMania.

    After Eve got in the ring and caused a distraction for Zack Ryder, the ultimate opportunist in The Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the one-two-three.

    I expect Laurinaitis to reward The Miz with a title shot against WWE Champion CM Punk to take place tonight on RAW

3. Tensai Debuts as Chris Jericho's Henchman

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    For weeks we have seen teasers for a new talent in the WWE known as Tensai.

    Many of you are aware that this is former WWE star Matt Bloom, aka A-Train.

    If Tensai does debut tonight, who will he target and will he be a heel or a face?

    I think it is a possibility he could be brought in as a henchman for Chris Jericho and help him extract revenge on WWE Champion CM Punk.

2. Brock Lesnar Makes His Return to the WWE

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    Rumors have run rampant on the Internet wrestling scene as of late, that "The Next Big Thing" in pro wrestling, Brock Lesnar, is about to make his long-awaited return to the squared circle.

    Many Web sites have reported, though not 100 percent confirmed, that Lesnar has striked a deal with the WWE.

    Lesnar hasn't competed in the WWE since WrestleMania XX at Madison Square Garden in 2004, when he was defeated by Goldberg and hit with a Stone Cold Stunner from special guest referee Steve Austin.

    After a short-lived career in the NFL, New Japan Wrestling and MMA, Lesnar could be headed back to his WWE stomping grounds eight years after his sudden departure.

    Also, WWE could be wanting to plan a WrestleMania 29 match a year in advance just as they did with WrestleMania 28.

    Is Lesnar's eyes set on a top WWE star, perhaps The Rock or John Cena?

1. Batista Overshadows a Brock Lesnar Return with a Return of His Own

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    In a recent issue of WWE Magazine, a caption about Batista read:

    “Although he left the company in 2010, many see the departure as a temporary one, and it’s simply a matter of time before The Animal rises again.”

    Is now the perfect time for Batista to return to a WWE ring?

    It is certain that the former WWE superstar was in the Miami over the weekend and competed in a triathlon for St. Jude's Medical Research.

    Batista was sporting a mohawk with dreadlocks for his hair.

    Batista hasn't been in the WWE since May 24 of 2010, the night after he lost an "I Quit" match at Over the Limit to his opponent John Cena.

    Is The Animal going to make his return to the WWE? Is now the right time?