WrestleMania 28: Horrible Skits and Concerts Takes Big Moments from Wrestlers

T.J. Mcaloon@@tjmcaloonContributorApril 3, 2012

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WrestleMania is built around celebrity and pop-culture interaction, just as much as it is around the in-ring performance from the wrestlers. However, the skits and the concerts from WrestleMania 28 took away from not only one, but two special moments from wrestlers who earned their spot on the pay-per-view card. 

The first instance of a wrestler who was bumped from the card because of something that was going on around the event was the 18-second World Heavyweight Title match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. 

However, the WWE claims that they wanted to set a WrestleMania record by keeping the match short. From 411Mania.com, they have a report from the Wrestling Observer saying: 

WWE had been planning for the World Title match at WrestleMania to be a quick match for several weeks now. The company wanted to set a new record for the quickest title match at WrestleMania, but fell short. The record holder is Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane at WrestleMania 24 which ran eight seconds; Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus was eighteen seconds. 

There were those who lobbied to have the quick match booking changed, but obviously they were unsuccessful. 

Instead, because the match was so short, the WWE could give a long skit to one of the sea captains from Deadliest Catch, Santino Marella and Mick Foley all eating crabs. 

The second instance of the WWE deciding to go with a goof skit or celebrity is cutting the CM Punk celebration, after he won a tough match against Chris Jericho. Punk was in the midst of soaking in his biggest WrestleMania moment only to have it cut short because of a Brodus Clay segment.  

Clay came out and decided to call his mama who just so happened to be backstage at Sun Life Stadium.  

So instead of getting to see Punk celebrate his moment, Clay and a group of his “mama’s bridge club” danced for two minutes too long.  

However, that wasn’t the worst part, as the WWE had to find time to get in not one, but two concerts before The Rock vs. John Cena main event. What the WWE could have done was have Machine Gun Kelly play Cena down to the ring by using his ring song, instead of having to get his own song in.  

If the WWE would have cut the Deadliest Catch and Brodus Clay skit down to half of the time they were given, they could have allowed Bryan and Sheamus time to have a match. 

As for Punk, cutting the Machine Gun Kelly concert would have given Punk at least two more minutes to celebrate in the ring.  

Instead, the WWE went with the over-the-top skits, instead of celebrating their hard-working talent.