Kansas City: Who They Need from Free Agency

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Once again, I find myself wondering about what the Chiefs should do to have a better team next season. I will be putting out my ideas on what free agents the Chiefs should sign.


Defensive Line

Julius Peppers is the No. 1 guy on this list. He is a freak coming off the end, having 14.5 sacks last year. He still has some solid years left in him as he is only 29 years old. He would definitely fix our pass rushing issues and the Chiefs should be able to meet his money demands with all of that cap room they currently have.

Second on this list is defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth is huge and will plug up the middle of the D-line. He had 8.5 sacks in the 2008 season, which is great for a defensive tackle. If the Chiefs can't get Julius Peppers, Haynesworth would be a great fall back.


The entire linebacking corps of the Baltimore Ravens will be free agents at the end of the season. That means that Terrell Suggs will be available. Some will say that Scott Pioli should go after Ray Lewis, but Lewis is going to be 34 this year and we are trying to get younger.

Suggs is only 26 and has quite a few good seasons ahead of him. He had eight sacks last season, which means if the Chiefs can sign Suggs, he would be a major addition to the linebacking corps.

If the Chiefs are not able to sign Suggs they need to go after Karlos Dansby. Dansby is more of a coverage linebacker and had two interceptions. He is a very good tackler. Dansby will appeal to many teams because of his age, size, and potential.

Offensive Line

There are many veteran linemen available this year and I wouldn't be shocked if the Chiefs land one. Matt Birk is an all-pro center from Minnesota. Birk is a fairly athletic center that would start over Rudy Niswanger. Birk might end up staying in Minnesota, but don't be surprised if he is on the market.

Mike Goff is another veteran lineman that will be a free agent. He is a guard that could play on the other side of Brian Waters. Goff could fit in and be the starter for two or three years.


Wide Receiver

There are a lot of quality wide outs that could play alongside Dwayne Bowe. T.J. Houshmandzadeh would be a receiver for the Chiefs. He had over 900 yards last year and should do the same in Kansas City if Pioli is able to get him.

Bobby Engram battled injuries in the 2008 season. He most likely will not be re-signed by the Seahawks, and if he is released he could be a solid No. 2 receiver for the Chiefs.


Matt Cassell is surprisingly No. 1 on this list, but rumors of him getting franchised by the Patriots would take him off the market. He had 21 touchdown passes to only 11 interceptions.

Rumors that the Eagles might release Donovan McNabb would put him as the No. 2 quarterback on the market. The Chiefs need to consider him. McNabb is 32 years old and has battled through injuries throughout his career, but anything is better than what Kansas City has. McNabb put up good numbers this season with 23 touchdown passes to 11 interceptions.

Defensive Back

The Chiefs don't really need a cornerback, but with Nnamdi Asomugha on the market the team would be out of its mind not to at least contact him. Asomugha is only 27 years old and would be a Pro Bowl caliber corner for the Chiefs.

Mike Brown is probably the best safety on the market this year. Brown is 30 years old and could be a solid starter for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have decent safeties but the Chiefs wouldn't mind an upgrade. Brown would be a great upgrade