WWE WrestleMania 28: Maria Menounos Must Be Recognized for Being Tough as Nails

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 2, 2012

Photo: wwe.com (Maria Menounos with two cracked ribs being powerlifted)
Photo: wwe.com (Maria Menounos with two cracked ribs being powerlifted)

WrestleMania 28 featured Maria Menounos of E! teaming up with Kelly Kelly to take on Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.

Kelly and Maria got the win after Maria rolled up Beth for the pin, but the real story is Maria being as tough as any Diva in that locker room.

While she was not in the ring for the majority of the match, she did have more time in than I would have expected given her condition.

In case you are living under a rock, I will remind you that Maria Menounos had two cracked ribs heading into the match which she got while practicing for Dancing With the Stars, something Michael Cole brought up a couple of times during the match.

While having cracked ribs does not totally incapacitate someone, it does not exactly feel like you are laying on a bed of roses. As someone who has cracked a rib or two, I can speak from experience.

You feel short on breath a lot of the time, and the pain comes in waves. It is generally not a serious injury, but it is one that is slow to heal since you move that part of your body so much in normal, everyday life.

The fact that she not only went on to compete on Dancing With the Stars successfully, but she was able to come out and wrestle a match speaks volumes about the toughness of Maria Menounos.

Many wrestlers might wrestle through an injury like that to stay on the WrestleMania card, but Maria is a celebrity who had a lot to lose if she were to get injured more severely during the match.

Had something really bad happened, she could have been forced to drop out of DWTS, and she might have ended up with broken ribs instead of just cracked ribs.

She showed that a slender woman who is thought of as nothing more than eye candy by many of WWE's fans can be just as tough and resilient as any Diva who has ever laced up a pair of boots.

I am not a fan of celebrity matches, but I welcome Maria Menounos back to WWE TV any time she wants to make an appearance. She clearly puts effort into making sure she doesn't look like a rube in the ring, and that has to be commended.

Her last match against Beth was better than expected, and she surprised everyone again last night by fighting through a painful injury.

Whatever the quality of the match was is not important, the fact that Menounos went out there and did what she said she would do is important.

She was clearly in pain before and after the match, judging by the absence of her trademark enthusiasm, so it could not have been easy for her to compete.

I hope she ends up reading this so she knows that she has, in fact, earned the respect of some of us fans out there and that she is thought of in high regard for being, as JR would say, "Tough as a $2 steak."

Congratulations, Maria Menounos, on being one bad-ass individual.